Friday, November 30, 2007

ARIA Update

ARIA The Origination will be first aired on the 7th January 2008.

More information on the coming undine monthly. The magazine will be of A5 size. All three undine monthly will come with ARIA sachou fashion collection figure (gashapon)

Monthly undine II volume 1, schedule for 10th March 2008 release, will comprise ARIA V4 Navigation 9 and AQUA V2 Navigation 7. The following figures come with the book.

Monthly undine II volume 2, schedule for 21st March 2008 release, will comprise ARIA V4 Navigation 18 and ARIA V11 Navigation 54 . The following figures come with the book.

Monthly undine II volume 3, schedule for 31st March 2008 release, will comprise ARIA V4 Navigation 16 and ARIA V10 Special Navigation . The following figures come with the book.

A note on the figure, ARIA sachou head can be rotated... not only that, you can replace the head with another fashion!


ARIA will have another novel release on the 10th January 2008 entitled "The gift of the four season's breeze" (四季の風の贈り物). Four script writer of the second season will be involved; Okada Mari (岡田麿里), Fujisaki Ayuna (藤咲あゆな), 浦畑達彦 (Urahata Tatsuhiko) and 吉田玲子 (Yoshida Reiko). Fujisaki Ayuna was involved in the first novel as well. The price for the novel is 900 Yen.

P/S: ARIA desktop and wall calendar are released today. ARIA PREMIUM POSTER BOOK 3 wont be available until 22nd December. Information.


Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 10: Sogabe (曽我部), a friend of Kusada, liked Nao and he tried to create opportunity for Nao to confess to him. What a self-conceited guy
Tsubasa : No chapter this week. Next week Tsubasa 175.
Tennis 368: It was a large tree trunk but Ryoma and Mr. Echizen managed to hit and displaced it. The trunk caused a big splash and Ryoma fell into the river. Later, Mr Echizen found Ryoma having amnesia. Rikkai pair vs golden pair 2-1. All Ryoma's past opponents came to have a match and attempt to revive his memory.
Air Gear 186: Start to lose interest. Too messy and rubbish. This week more on Yatoi and Agito.
AMG 231 Chrono was asked by Peorth to deliver an item. She was dressed in a maid dress intended for delivery. She was a map-idiot and broke the item when she swayed from hitting a transmission grid tower. She dropped and was caught by Keiichi. Keiichi brought her back to his workplace and Belldandy exclaimed her name. P/S: Chrono was one of the Yggdrasil operators with Ere and Ex.

As I have mentioned, I have received the Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess figure and Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini this week. ARIA calendar 2008 should be released today.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AMG Fighting Winds Information

There's some brief information on the coming AMG special TV series but they have been quite secretive about it. But thanks to Kotetsu, according to Afternoon magazine January edition, it'll cover the Rind arc. This arc includes Rind and her twin angels, angel-eating monster, Belldandy and Blue Lance. I have hoped that the second season would deliver the arc but they didn't. I'm glad that they decide to produce this arc for the 20th anniversary because it's one of the more interesting arc in the whole series.

The episodes will be aired on the 8th of December according to the magazine. Initially I thought the they only cover the Rind arc with twin angels and angel eater but from the promotional illustrations showed that Blue Lance in V25 Chapter 161 will be covered. Really hope they'll do a good job on this arc.

For more information on the Rind arc, visit Gateway to the Goddess.

By the way, The AMG Tatakau Tsubasa (ああっ女神さまっ闘う翼) OP and ED has been released in JP even though official release date is tomorrow. The title of the single is 愛の星/ハナムケのメロディー. It comprises 5 tracks with 3 vocals and 2 instrumentals. The OP theme is 愛の星 (Star of Love) and the ED theme is ハナムケのメロディー (Farewell Melody). The artist for the single is Jyukai (樹海) who did the tracks for AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa ED2.

I have placed an order of the single at Play-asia.

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AMH Second Anniversary

Anime & Manga Horizon is celebrating its Second Anniversary!!!

Let the celebration starts with a pop!

Time sure flies, I didn’t realize that Anime & Manga Horizon is celebrating its second anniversary this month. It seemed like the first anniversary was just a few days ago. Once again, many thanks to all visitors who browse and comment on this blog. The number of unique visitor is more than 5 times of last years! My appreciation extends to you all.

As AMH celebrates its 2nd anniversary, I sincerely thank you all for the support and willingness to visit this blog. It has been interesting to meet people with common interest in anime and manga, in particular ARIA, AMG, Suzuka and Gundam.

A toast from Kira and Athrun, a pair means two, reflecting two years old

One milestone for this blog is the finale of the Suzuka manga which I have spent on for more than 20 months since February 2006. All together 71 posts since chapter 96. The climax of Suzuka was the realization that Suzuka was pregnant which reflected in 40 comments on that particular post, Chapter 155. Personally, I wish that the Suzuka story plot could enter university level but Kouji did end the series quite amicably. Anyway, it has been a wonderful experience in blogging and enjoying the Suzuka manga. Suzuka posts have been the highlight of this blog and the finale of Suzuka also marked the start of a decrement in visit, which I have expected.

Ah sweet, the finale of Suzuka

After Suzuka blogging, instead of taking another manga series, I decided to write short and brief summary of the manga and anime series which I am currently following. After the last season, I also focus more on the manga series than the anime of which my interest has been dropping. The all time favourite post over the two years is still the Ichigo 100% ending comment post.

As usual, I have been hanging around the blogging community visiting sites by Ollin, R8, Zanza, Elitist Wannabe, Omni, Kotetsu and Adun. It has been particularly interesting to meet Adun who is such an avid ARIA fan. Though I still "hate" him for the fact that he always receive his ARIA merchandises earlier ^^.

The fate of the blog is uncertain but I certainly would like to continue it. However, it all depends on my commitment in the coming year. As much as I like to blog ARIA the Origination next year, its not a definite yet. Anyway, I’m sure there’re others who will take up ARIA the Origination. One for sure will be Adun, unless his work commitment disallows him.

Last but not least, another toast from Lacus, one of my favourite heroine.

Last year was Belldandy, hopefully next year we’ll have a picture of Alicia toasting since she likes alcohols anyway.

Thanks for all the visits and supports!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess Figure

Collected my Kotobukiya AMG Belldandy Goddess figure just now. So happy. Have a look at the figure and it's so beautifully crafted. It comes with an mini poster illustration by the series director, Aida Hiroaki (合田浩章) which features a beautiful and elegant Belldandy in her goddess uniform.

Larger version available at animepaper and a special place ^^.

The figure was originally released as a resin kit in 2001. I would stronly recommend it to AMG fans since it's very impressively crafted. The details and the expression are both superb. Even Belldandy goddess uniform accesories, such as necklace, ear-rings, bracelets, belt and etc, are detailed. The swirls of the blue and white robe add elegance to the figure. The hair is delicate so one has to be careful with it.

The figure is available at HLJ for 5800 Yen (Low stock currently). I got it for 7730 yen (Early bird + EMS shipping).

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini

Came back at night and found my order, FF Trading Arts Mini, from HLJ has arrived. It took 19 days to reach my doorsteps.

One box comprises 9 mini figures and there are 5 characters; Cloud, Rinoa, Yuna (FFX2), Vaan and Penelo. I was lucky to get all the extras that I liked and gave them to my brother. I am very pleased with the figure. They are not expensive, got them for 3052 Yen (Early bird + SAL shipping) and the quality is very good. Though they smell of plastic....

Cloud Strife is definitely my favourite and best gashapon in this collection. It comes with his buster sword and his facial expression is excellent.

I was quite disappointed with Rinoa's facial expression. Yuna looks fairly good but her expression also looks bit weird

I think Vaan would be the second best figure. It has the playful mischievious expression. Penelo looks nice from the side but not from the front.

Anyway, I'm pleased with this collection and looking forward to FF Trading Arts Mini 2 in near future.

P/S: Meanwhile my Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess figure with EMS shipping has reached Melbourne. Hope to receive it on Wednesday (special day ^^) if not tomorrow.

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