Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Female Gondolier

Nothing to do with anime but I have the urge to post this since I have been asking the question ever since ARIA was introduced. As most people know ARIA is a manga about female undines. I have pondred "Isn't gondolier a job for the male?" I don't really care and since ARIA is a manga, I didn't pay any attention to it. In fact if ARIA was based on male gondolier, ARIA would fail miserably (I definitely don't want 55 ARIA navigation chapters with the alternate-world characters).

Back to the point, there is no female gondolier until recently a female gondolier, Alexandra Hai, turns tide of Venice's history succeed in getting the job. There has never been a female gondolier since the beginnings of gondoliering in 1094. Although she was imposed with certain limitations in her job, it has been a break-through in the history of gondolier.

In addition, I was made aware of the intense examination faced by potential gondoliers. According to the article, "After an 150-hour training course, there is a written test on the technical aspects of the boat and a practical test." This has made me appreciate more on the difficulty of Prima undines examination in ARIA.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

ARIA Illustrations and Concert Poster

Came across two illustrations by Kozue Amano from a forum archive. The left one depicts the three fairy undines in their high-school uniforms. The right one potrays the three young undines in high-school uniforms and primary school uniform for Alice. Akari came from Earth so she attended the high-school on Earth. The illustration was drawn in conjuction of Kozue 5th anniversary in ARIA serialization. Aria was first serialized in Mag Garden's monthly magazine Comic Blade in November 2002.

There's also a poster for the ARIA concert in November. In addition, there's is a OP & ED single scheduled for release on the same day (21st September) the OVA is released. Available for pre-order at Play-Asia. It should comprise ARIA the "OPテーマ 七色の空を/SONOROUS" and "EDテーマ 明日、夕暮れまで/葉月絵里乃 ".

P/S: Many might not know that Kozue Amano has a website and a gallery of her illustrations. The left one made it to the ARIA desktop calendar but not the right one. :(