Saturday, June 23, 2007

ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

Gundam Strike Freedom, piloted by Kira Yamato, in Gundam Seed Destiny. When I watched Gundam Seed Destiny, the moment when Kira received his new Gundam and then battled, really impressed me.

I didnt intend to get this model, as I was pleased with Freedom. It was a gift from my brother for my birthday.

Full Burst mode with high energy beam rifles, rail cannons and Dragoon systems.

Strike Freedom with its beam saber and combined high energy beam rifle.

After reading feedbacks from some verteran of the forums I visited, I ordered the Tamiya gold spray from HLJ. The standard version internal gold parts will really degrade the whole model.

I decided not to draw many lines, especially the unnecessary ones. I have seen a couple of MGSF that has many bold and rough lines. They may look nice from far away but they are not attractive when you look at them near.

1. The body mechanism is different from its predecessors.
2. When compared to MG Freedom, it looks more powerful (Well, it should be). Freedom looks more elegant when placed beside Strike Freedom.
3. There are recess each palms which makes it easier to hold the beam rifles.
4. More details in the design. The beam rifles can be attached to the side while the beam sabers are placed at the back.
5. The square piece that connects the shoulder to the body is better. It's not as loose as MG Freedom and MG Wing Custom.

1. The tip of the shoulders did not have gold interior. No parts nor stickers available.
2. The stand is a crap. With the weight of MG SF, it's so shaky. The three flexible parts are badly designed, especially the lowest part which could bend.
3. The wings look excellent if they are not opened or rotated. Once you rotated the back wings, they unlocked and moved out of the holdings. Without a good grip, the wings would gradually drop back. They really need a better design such as a lock-in position.
4. MGSF has different leg joints connecting to the waist. We used to have rotor shape connecting the hips to the waist. MG Strike Freedom has horizontal part connecting to the waist. I find it very hard to pose the legs since it's so tight.
5. Dragoon system doesn't appeal me in kits since the gundam looks ugly when the dragoons are detached from the wings.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Belldandy Goddess Figure

There will be a new Belldandy figure release in November 2007. The figure features Belldandy in her megami attire.The figure is 1/8 in size, approximately 20cm. It's priced at 5800 Yen and will be released in November 2007. In addition, it'll come with a mini poster of dimesion 32cm x 16cm.

I'm very pleased with the casual version Belldandy from Kotobukiya so I'll be getting this one as well. ^^

Update: Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess Uniform figure is available for pre-order at HLJ now.

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