Friday, December 09, 2005

I''s Pure DVD 1 Release

I was so happy when they announced I"s Pure production since the last OVA was a failure. Though there are only 6 DVD scheduled, I hope they would be worth watching.

The official website is

The I"s Pure DVD is produced by Liverpol, the same production company which produce ichigo 100% 4 DVDs.

The I"s Pure OST will be released on 14th December 2004. The OST comprises 22 songs produced by Kacky (Marina del Ray). I have sent in my pre-order. (^o^)

The OST album

The OST can be pre-order from Yesasia and Playasia.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Detective Conan 10th Movie scheduled next year 2006

The 10th movie of Detective Conan (Case Closed in America) is scheduled for 2006. Time sure flies, it's the tenth they are making. 10 years I have been following the series. The official movie website is here. They even set up another website to commemorate the 10th anniversay,

Pictures of the 9 movies cover and 4 movie promotion poster.

Ichigo 100% OSTs Review

I dont know why I like this "girly" manga but they are appealing. I have most of the OSTs from this series, so I'll make some comments on them.I'll put links to Playasia since they have more selections from this series.

Ichigo 100% first single is "Kimiiro 100%" (bottom left) which comprises the theme song to the OVA. The top row shows the Character Collection which comprise closing theme of the 4 DVDs by each characters and an audio accompanied by background music. The order of the character collection is Toujo Aya, Nishino Tsukasa, Minami Yui and Kitaooji Satsuki.

The one next to Kimiiro 100% is the Sweet Cafe Radio CD, probably the broadcast selection from the series radio station hours. The other two are the Ichigo 100% Drama Theater Vol.1 and Ichigo 100% Drama Theater Vol.2, mostly audio extracted from the anime TV series.
The Yesasia and Playasia.

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FMP OSTs Review

Full Metal Panic is too popular not to be known by anime fans. Post the OSTs for FMP series(too lazy to do for the DVDs).

I like all the themes of FMP series; FMP, FMP Fumoffu and FMP TSR. Personal favourite would be "Tomorrow" from FMP and "Minami Kaze" from FMP TSR. As usual, these OSTs can be acquired from both Yesasia and Playasia. Yesasia only has FMP Fumoffu OST and FMP TSR OST last time I visited. So Playasia would be best option for FMP OSTs.

The DVDs can be purchased from a lot of places, AnimeFan and Ollin have links and comments to them, so do visit them. Of course, Yesasia and Playasia have them too, to a certain amount.

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AMG DVDs and OSTs Review

AMG Season 2 is set to be air in Japan next year 2006. So I think I'll just post some pictures of the DVDs and the OSTs. I'll add some recommendations and comments.

My interest is in OSTs so I'll make comments on the OSTs, but the DVDs are excellent too. The AMG single Open Your Mind - Chiisana Hane Hirogete by Yoko Ishida's is best for those whose only like the opening theme. The other single WING, the closing theme wasn't that appealing. AMG OST and OST2 are excellent collectibles for AMG fans. They comprise all the OST and background music for the anime TV series. The 3 variety albums would be nice additions to the collection if one is fluent in Japanese and a fan of AMG.

There are 8 R2 DVDs with 3 episodes on each DVD. The R1s are more appealing with 5 episodes in each DVD.

AMG R2 DVD can be purchased at Amazon JP, Yesasia and Playasia. I think DVD empire has R1s but MediaBlaster has only produced up to DVD 3(up to Episode 15) at the moment. Playasia has advertised all the R2 DVDs.

I would higly recommend the OSTs being purchased from Playasia(personal favourite) and Yesasia.

This site has a lot of good quality scans of the DVD, OST CD, Magazines and stuff for AMG TV series. Enjoy!

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