Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing all of you "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"

Watched Suzuka episode 25, a nice coverage on Asahina Suzuka's memory. Particularly like the slapping part from Suzuka on Yamato, where the manga wasn't so obvious, and of course the daring kiss. The finale is next week, 28th Dec. 2005
涼風 Suzuka Official Website

Saw the snapshots for Mai Otome. This series is definitely better than Mai Hime. Though it wasnt as "serious" as Mai Hime, but the story line is indeed fresh and interesting. I like their concept of Meister otome, over the child concept in Mai Hime. Episode 13 will be air on 5 th of January 2006.
舞-乙HiME 乙女の放課後 ~ガルデローべ Official Website

Yakitate!! Japan episode 59 has been pushed to 10th of January. But it will be a double episode, episode 59 & 60, where Suwabara and Monica will be revealed in ninja form to battle Azuma and co. :)
焼きたて!! ジャぱん Yakitate!! Japan Official Website

Picked up Gunparade Orchestra, but kinda disappointing. I was expecting it to be more like FMP. The first part, episode 1-9 is about as the group leader who orchestra the mecha battle with alien. The second part is about army riding beasts.
ガンパレード・オーケストラ GPO Official Website

ARIA is airing at episode 12 this week, I still have about 8 episodes which I havent catch up with. It's about Professional gondoliers, Undines, acting as tour guides on the planet Aqua. Akari Mizunashi, the main cast is a gondolier in training of Aria Company. I like the scenic background of this series, it's breath-taking.
アリア ARIA the Animation Official Website

Most of the popular current anime are picked up by Anime Express, such as ARIA, Cluster Edge, Mai Otome, Yakitate Japan!, Suzuka Pokemon AG, Yu Gi Oh GX, Naruto and Transformer Galaxy. There are also websites dedicated to each of the anime.

One more thing. Just realized that I"s has produced a new line of its manga.
I"s <アイズ>Official Website

I”s<アイズ> 完全版 Volume 1 & 2

Monday, December 19, 2005

Something about Sora KHII (3 more days)

Sora special forms:

Valour, Wisdom, Master and Final form of Sora.

Sora is depicted in black in KH 2. However, it has been revealed that Sora can merge with either Donald or Goofy or even both for special form. The valour form (red) is the fusion of Sora & Goofy, yielding 2 keybalds. The wisdom form (blue) enable the fushion of Donald & Sora to shot magic with the keyblade. The master form (yellow) is the fusion of all three characters, the moves, one word "Spectacular!!!".

The silver form appeared in one of the magazine, though no information on the fusion was given, but it certainly raise the expectation of the game!

Strongly recommend both sites KH2 and KH Ultimania for fabulous magazine scans and trailers, not to mention all the valuable information.