Saturday, April 12, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'll be writing a post on ARIA as a whole soon......

P/S: I know I havent completed my summary for EP 12 and EP13..

My HLJ order comprising Kotobukiya Shinning Wind Kureha has been shipped a few days ago. Orders in line at end of April: Final Fantasy Mini collection II, ARIA Punit Alicia and ARIA Punit Aika.

New AMG Belldandy figure by SMC for AMG Fighting Wings.

I dont recall Belldandy in this form for AMG Fighting Wings you?????. Anyway, it's a nice figure but I'm not keen in it. Cause i got 2 Belldandy figure already, plus it leans too much. Estimated price 6833 yen with height of 18.5cm and scheduled for September release.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Random Thoughts

The surprise that I mentioned was my brother's birthday present. Got him a MG Freedom which he didnt anticipated.

And all my orders from HLJ, Yesasia, Playasia and AJ have arrived.

ARIA Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this month will be a painful month once the punit Alicia, punit Aika, Shinning Wind Kureha and Square Enix Mini Collection 2 were released. The only thing is there's still no stock for fine-tip Gundam marker.

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