Saturday, June 02, 2007

Suzuka 152 Accomplish

凉风 #152 決行 けっこう

Inside the bullet train, Yamato looked out and awed at Mount Fuji with excitement. Suzuka told him to quiet down as she felt bit awkward. She asked Yamato if he had told Ayano san when he left the residence. Yamato told her not to worry. He said that she thought he went skiing. Suzuka was relieved since he also made blunders and worried that he would accidently slip the matter. Yamato assured her not to worry. Yamato told her to think of the place they should visit later since they only have to be at the inn before 6pm. Yamato then suggested going to the Little Prince in Hakone theme park since he had never been there. Suzuka complied. Yamato continued saying that they should travel on tram to lake ashi. He wanted to see the pirate ship. Suzuka remarked that it's so far away and asked if he's familiar with the route. Yamato answered that they should have adequate time. Suzuka resented and asked what if they were late for dinner.

Meanwhile, Yasonobu was wondering around the city. He complained that people on the streets are all couples during Christmas. He received an SMS and opened it. It was from Miki. She asked of he was staying at home and not flirting outside. She also wrote that if he was free, she could have lunch with him but he ahs to pay. Yasonobu replied "go and die" (go to H***). He remarked that it must be a joke to spend Christmas with that kind of girl. He wanted to find a girl with attitude. Yasonobu saw a girl from behind and was interested. He approached her, calling big sister and asked for direction. The girl blushed and told him not to tease her. The girl was actually Ayano san. She wondered if it was Yasonobu. Yasonobu was shocked and ran away saying she was mistaken. She told him to wait but he ran away. Miho came and asked who was that and if he was trying to court her. Ayano san replied that he looked like Yasonobu. Miho replied that it's no possible since he went skiing with Yamato. Ayano san wondered if she was mistaken.

After dinner, Yamato was full and pleased that they made it to the dinner. Suzuka remarked that if it wasn't because of Yamato, they wouldn't have to be in such a rush. Yamato said they managed to make it in time and they were also able to get a good room after someone's check-out. Suzuka suddenly called out with joy. She told Yamato that the room has roten onsen (outdoor hot spring). Yamato was surprised as well. He then thought of having a bath together with Suzuka but was sure that he would be beaten. Suzuka asked him if he wanted to have a bath together. Yamato was stunned. She then went in first. He was in disbelief. Later, he was still hesistating. Suzuka asked why he's still there and told him to get in as well. Yamato felt that travelling sure made girl to be more daring. He was so happy that they can have a bath together.

Yamato went in, feeling a bit embarassed. He wondered why Suzuka was so calm. After some time, in the hot spring, Yamato remarked that he's so happy that they came. Suzuka agreed. Yamato was anxious and thought that Suzuka didnt wear anything beneath the towel. Yamato then commented that it was a custom not to cover with towel in onsen. Suzuka glared at him. Yamato replied in panic that he was just stating a custom. They talked about the virtue of naked communion. Yamato remarked that he worked in onsen and should comply with it. He then told Suzuka that it's better for her to take off the towel. Suzuka shyly agreed and removed her However, he was surprised to find Suzuka wearing a bikini underneath. He asked why there's a bikini. Suzuka replied that she prepared it just in case because Yamato was too perverted. Yamato said that it was her who seduce him in taking bath together. He then commented even bikini did not comply with the custom. Suzuka teased at him being angry. Yamato chased after her and intentionally grip Suzuka's bikini, making the top and bottom part loose. He then remarked that she was punished because of wearing bikini. She threw the top part at Yamato and shouted it was him who grab onto it. She then used the top part to blind-fold Yamato, telling him to stay that way until she finished her bath.

After the bath, back in the room. Suzuka commented that the hot spring was excellent. Yamato grumbled that nobody wore a bikini to onsen. Suzuka told him to shut up. Suzuka explained that she wanted to have the bath together but she felt awkward being naked. Yamato was silent. Suzuka asked if he was listening and found him dozed off already. They then slept in the same futon even though 2 futons were prepared.

The next morning, someone rang the bell and they awaken. Yamato thought that it must be the breakfast service. He was shocked to Suzuka in his futon. Suzuka told him
to go and attend the door. Yamato opened the door and greeted. He was shocked to see Suzuka's dad standing in front of him asking if suzuka was inside.

P/S: Hurray... raw for 152 is out. I always have this feeling that Kouji preserved Suzuka from being exposed. But in this chapter Suzuka is exposed so I guess the manga won't last too long. Also with Suzuka dad appearance, I wonder how did he know. Unlikely from Yasonobu nor Miki. Unless Suzuka told her mum/sister. Wonder what will happen in the next chapter.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

ARIA Arietta

ARIA OVA Arietta now has its own webpage. Though no other information except the release date. The OVA is scheduled to be released 21st September 2007.

There'll be a OVA commerative day (La festa di ARIA) on the 2nd of September.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mission Completed

Oh Yeah.... Complete the PLUS (mission) mode for Gundam SEED Destiny Zaft Vs Alliance Final Plus II.

Last night I finished the last 7 Faith mission. I was hoping for more missions other than the Faith mission. Main Gundams which I have mostly used are Gundam Destiny and Gundam Blast Impulse. I learnt that Blast Impulse is able to charge the blaster (courtesy of Joney_and_cleaver) from animesuki forum. It reallt makes my life a lot easier with the charge shot. I got familiar with Gundam Destiny and use it when I have to attack with speed.

I hate the life pod rescue mission most, especially the one that I had to collect 30 life pods within a certain span of time. The 9th Faith mission is also a pain. You have to destroy Minerva and protect Archangel from nukes at the same time. I tried several strategies and wasted a lot of time in the mission. I finally figured out that I had to approach the nukes, destroying them as soon as possible. Also, make sure you destroy windam, they can release several nukes. Apparently, it was shown on Youtube that Gundam Legend is suitable for this mission. Legend can just stand on top of minerva, activate its dragoon system and use its charge shot. Though I used Blast Impulse.

Another rescue mission which I hated is collecting rescue pods over the towers. I found Justice to be a good choice after trying the others. I observed Justice's speed is faster, resulting the boost gauge depleting slower than the others. One trick is to do it in a clock-wise/anti-clock-wise manner. you'll waste less time that way.

The most enjoying mission was the Faith mission that I need to use Stargazer. When I first played the mission, I released the nuclear flash mine but didn't know how to detonate it. I tried the mission with its other crap attack and failed miserably. Then, I learnt from online that they were flash mines and needed to be detonate. Once, I figured out the detonation button. Man, it was the best game play in PLUS mode. Set the mine anywhere, up on the air or on the ground and KABOOM!!!

I also started the Archade mode and finished 2 routes with Blast Impulse. I learnt a funny trick; "Rise up, charge the gauge and release the charge shot." Apparently it works very well, Blast Impulse shot the enemy and I can sway the blast shot left/right. I found it very amusing as well, like Blast Impulse's having a toilet session (You know what I mean).

The most time wasted: Faith 9th mission (Destroy minerva while protecting from nukes)
The most outstanding Gundam: Blast Impulse (For me)
The most enjoying Gundam: Stargazer (Kaboom!!!!)
The most hated mission: Faith mission (Collecting 30 rescue pods)
The hardest battle: Mission with Strike Freedom and Akatsuki as enemy

MG Strike Freedom assembly timeline:
17/05: Head and interior chest completed. [3 hours]
23/05: Exterior chest, right arm + hand + shoulder, left arm (60%) [3 hours]
27/05: Left arm + shoulder + hand, Leg completed. One leg (60%) [2.5 hours]
29/05: Legs, Waist completed. Assembled the main body of Gundam. [3 hours]
What's left: Dragoon system, Wings, Ammunition and stand.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Animage Grand Prix

Some interested results from Animage Grand Prix June edition.
The (*) shows the position in Top 100 Best Character survey.

Favourite Anime:
1. Code Geass
2. Gundam SEED Destiny
3. Suzumiya Haruhi
4. Ouran School Host
13. ARIA The Natural
17. Mai Otome
19. Tsubasa Chronicle II
21. Fate Stay Night
25. Kanon
48. AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa

Favourite Hero:
1. Lelouch [Code Geass] (1)
2. Kira Yamato [GSD] (2)
3. Athrun Zala [GSD] (3)
4. Kyon [Suzumiya Haruuhi] (?)
6. Suzaku [Code Geass] (29)
12 Shin [GSD] (23)
14. Syaoron [Tsubasa Chronicle](50)

Favourite Heroine:
1. Lacus Cylne [GSD] (8)
2. Suzumiya Haruhi [Suzumiya Haruhi] (4)
3. C.C. [Code Geass] (16)
4. Cagalli [GSD] (11)
5. Sakura [Tsubasa Chronicle] (12)
8. Karen [Code Geass] (10)
9. Yuki Nagato [Suzumiya Haruhi] (52)
10. Stellar [GSD] (?)
11. Saber [Fate Stay Night] (70)
15. Mikuru [Suzumiya Haruhi] (48)
18. Akari Mizunashi [ARIA The Animation](70)
19. Shirley [Code Geass] (?)

Not much deviation from the Best 100 Characters survey for the top characters. Lelouch, Kira and Athrun dominate both survey. Lacus, Haruhi and Cagalli are the hot pick in both survey.

1. Lacus managed to beat Haruhi, Yeah!
2. Kyon didn't make it to Top 100 but he rose and placed 4th in the Grandprix.
3. C.C. popularity continue to rise.
4. Suzaku's rating also improved.
5. I knew Belldandy would be out of Top 20 since AMG Tsubasa failed miserably at 48th place.
6. ARIA Natural surpass Kanon, Mai Otome, Tsubasa Chronicle II, AMG Tsubasa and Fate Stay Night.

P/S: Alafista has scans of the results.