Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Animage Grand Prix

Some interested results from Animage Grand Prix June edition.
The (*) shows the position in Top 100 Best Character survey.

Favourite Anime:
1. Code Geass
2. Gundam SEED Destiny
3. Suzumiya Haruhi
4. Ouran School Host
13. ARIA The Natural
17. Mai Otome
19. Tsubasa Chronicle II
21. Fate Stay Night
25. Kanon
48. AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa

Favourite Hero:
1. Lelouch [Code Geass] (1)
2. Kira Yamato [GSD] (2)
3. Athrun Zala [GSD] (3)
4. Kyon [Suzumiya Haruuhi] (?)
6. Suzaku [Code Geass] (29)
12 Shin [GSD] (23)
14. Syaoron [Tsubasa Chronicle](50)

Favourite Heroine:
1. Lacus Cylne [GSD] (8)
2. Suzumiya Haruhi [Suzumiya Haruhi] (4)
3. C.C. [Code Geass] (16)
4. Cagalli [GSD] (11)
5. Sakura [Tsubasa Chronicle] (12)
8. Karen [Code Geass] (10)
9. Yuki Nagato [Suzumiya Haruhi] (52)
10. Stellar [GSD] (?)
11. Saber [Fate Stay Night] (70)
15. Mikuru [Suzumiya Haruhi] (48)
18. Akari Mizunashi [ARIA The Animation](70)
19. Shirley [Code Geass] (?)

Not much deviation from the Best 100 Characters survey for the top characters. Lelouch, Kira and Athrun dominate both survey. Lacus, Haruhi and Cagalli are the hot pick in both survey.

1. Lacus managed to beat Haruhi, Yeah!
2. Kyon didn't make it to Top 100 but he rose and placed 4th in the Grandprix.
3. C.C. popularity continue to rise.
4. Suzaku's rating also improved.
5. I knew Belldandy would be out of Top 20 since AMG Tsubasa failed miserably at 48th place.
6. ARIA Natural surpass Kanon, Mai Otome, Tsubasa Chronicle II, AMG Tsubasa and Fate Stay Night.

P/S: Alafista has scans of the results.



At 9:47 PM, Blogger R8 said...

yeah, i can never take these polls seriously. karen should be numba 1 simply ot of pure hawtness that the top 5 do not posess. but it's good that lacus beat haruhi ^^

At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm. Yea, most of anime fan are of those visual type since there're much action/adventure flicks horde the list. No surprise with the heavy plot of Death Note hardly manage to secure a sight.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i knew lacus clyne would be the number, she's the best female character i've acknowledged in all animes i have watched


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