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Suzuka 150 Planning

凉风 #150 計画 けいかく

Suzuka and Yamato were walking home together. Yamato complained about the cold. Suzuka replied that it's December after all and it could start snowing at night. Yamato pondered on December and then remembered that the university training would start at the end of the year. Yamato remarked that they can't play like now. Suzuka agreed and said that it felt bit sad. Yamato then asked if Suzuka wanted to do something as an epilogue for memory. Suzuka asked him for example. Yamato replied that he's not sure either. Suzuka then told him to tell her if he thought of something and walked up the stairs. Yamato noticed Ayano san bidding farewell to Saotome and Megumi. Saotome said that she would bring back souvenirs. Ayano san told them not to bother and enjoyed themselves. Yamato then asked Ayano san where they were going. She replied that they were going on a trip to Hawaii with their friends. Yamato was surprised to hear Hawaii and Ayano san told him that she went there before for honey moon. She continued telling Yamato that she lost her passport and searched for it all night. She then asked Yamato to guess where she had left it. However, Yamato was thinking about holiday trip. Ayano san asked if he was listening.

Back in his room, Yamato thought that going on a trip would be the best memory but it required overnight stay. He was worried that Suzuka might not agree with the idea. He really want to go and went to approach Suzuka. In Suzuka's room, Yamato told her about the idea and Suzuka was delighted with it. She commented that winter holiday's comimng and asked where they're going. She added that it has to be a day trip so they wouldn't be able to travel far. Yamato then told her that he was thinking of an overnight trip. He continued that he hasn't decided venue but it would be just one overnight stay. Yamato asked for her opinion and Suzuka embarassingly replied she's fine with it. However, she commented that her dad won't allow her if it was an overnight stay. Suzuka apologized but Yamato told her he was just asking. He said that there's satill time and he'd think of something else.

The holiday has started. Yamato, Miho and Ayano san were having morning tea. Miho remarked that Yamato shouldnt sleep so much even though it's holiday. He asked if Suzuka's still there. Ayano san replied that she had long left. Yamato wondered where she had been. Miho jokingly asked if she went out with another guy since she looked quite eager. Yamato told her not to talk rubbish. Miho then envied Saotome and Megumi who went to Hawaii. Yamato remarked that he shoudl also go on a trip. Miho asked if they could go together. Yamato remarked that it have to be Suzuka not Miho. Ayano heard Yamato saying travelling and asked him. She told him that both their parents placed them in her custody and she wont allow it. Yamato told her not to be angry and mentioned that Suzuka didnt agree as well.

Yamato went outside the building and wondered where they should for their Christmas date. He realized that he had not celebrated Christmas with Suzuka before. Suzuka appeared and asked what's he doing. She greeted him and Yamato asked where she had been. She grabbed Yamato's hand and dragged him away. Back in her room, she showed Yamato several travel guide and brochures. She remarked that she got it from the bookshop. She then happily asked where they should go. Yamato was surprised and told her that he thought she felt inappropriate. She answered that it was too sudden back then but she really wanted to go travelling with Yamato. Yamato then asked if it was fine. Suzuka replied that it's end of the year and they need to reserve in advance. Yamato said that wasn't what he's asking. He asked if her dad would allow it. She replied that she didnt ask her. She added that she was afraid so she didnt ask. Yamato told her that Ayano san forbid it as well. Yamato then asked if they should go secretly. Suzuka agreed and commented that it felt like they are doing something bad. Yamato said it wasn't that bad and he really want to go. Suzuka agreed.

P/S: I wouldn't be surprised with a disapproval from Ayano-san since she is Yamato's aunt as well as his guardian. For Asian culture, it's not appropriate for a couple to travel together by themselves. They have to be at least engaged. the caption on the last page seem to hint that the parents would find out about the trip.



At 5:34 AM, Blogger Five said...

On one hand I'm happy that the manga isn't ending it at "He finally finally got the girl", but I also feel that the mangaka is milking his franchise for all it's left for.

God help you if it's going to do all three/four years of university with Suzuka; you'll be blogging this forever.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know, I really like how it's basically covering both of their lives through out high school and now soon to be college. I hope they continue even though some of he stuff seems repetitive.

College life can be even more dramatic and complicated then high school and your basic love life. So it gives the mangaka plenty of different directions he can take the manga.

PS. you think this manga is long? Take a look at Ah my goddess. It's still being made once a month.

At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Fisherman Horizon. Where can i get a translated suzuka chapter 149 Special Edition ???
I have looked at but can't find it.
Please help me. Thanks a million...

At 10:28 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

five: I dont think it can last for one more year.

anonymous 1: The problem with AMG is that it's a monthly serialization, whereas Suzuka is weekly serialized.

anonymous 2: Translated suzuka 149 SP?? Wait for it. There's 2 groups translating and it's up to them. I read the RAW and CH version.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello.......i'm searching for manga with shoujo it any of this type manga has this word 'kaktus' u know what is the name of that manga?

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care if this manga seems drawn out. It always humors me, and has me eagerly anticipating the next week's chapter.

At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Finsherman - AMG is monthly but its far less catchy then Suzuka. If they can drag on something like AMG for years I'm sure a weekly Manga like Suzuka could do just the same. Just make loads of pointless chapters about cameras and crazy family members and there ya go.

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Too many anonymous, very hard to address.

anonymous 4: Agreed, suzuka is catchy despite so many people complain here and there but still continue to read it.

anonymous 5: If AMG is a weekly serialization, it would have long finish. Even DBZ took only 5 years (weekly). AMG took 10 years cause it's monthly serialized. I believe it would be a lot more catchy if AMG is weekly serialization, I cant imagine spending another 5 years waiting for AMG to conclude. As for Suzuka, I'm guessing no more than 2 years or no more than 100 chapters.

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya but the point is AMG basically has no plot now unlike Suzuka. So even if they put out a weekly chapter of AMG it would not be as catchy as Suzuka. Go read the latest volumes of AMG and you will see what I mean. AMG is just redundant and offtrack from the original story. Every chapter that comes out for Suzuka at least builds to the major story and relationship. Dont get me wrong I love AMG but im only using it as an example for all the people that keep making the comment "Suzuka should be finished by now".

So like I was saying, the manga creator could drag Suzuka on just as the AMG creator did if he wanted too. But your right, of course Suzuka would end faster, it would definitely last more then a year even with weekly chapters though.

Who knows I guess we will see with the future chapters how long it will last.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

anonymous 6: I agree that Fujishima should have conclude the series rather than prolong the story with unnecessary plot. However, as I have mentioned, it's not a good example to compare both series as the serialization timeline does make a difference. Many give up on AMG because it span 10 years with much progress in early years and no progress made up to this point. Whereas Suzuka's only a few year old and it has progress. People wouldn't mind that a few unnecessary chapter has been added to AMG if it was weekly basis. Even if Suzuka has 4 redundant chapters, it's only a month. AMG 4 chapters redundant would mean 4 months, who wants to wait 4 months for crap plot.

At the moment, Kouji done a great job in Suzuka so I wouldnt want him to "finish by now". I wouldn't want another series to end abruptly like Ichigo 100%.

Oh ya, thanks for the comments and discussion. :)

At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats what I'm saying. I hope he doesn't finish it anytime soon. Theirs so much that he can do, now that there in college and together. I could see Suzuka lasting for another 2 or 3 years. If there was ever a need to drag it on, he could do exactly like AMG and toss in pointless chapters. At least thats what I was trying to say these last 3 or 4 posts lol. I honestly don't see Suzuka being finished anytime soon.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Statica said...

and lets hope it isnt finished soon hey :) great manga

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

0_0 wow a discussion! anyways, thanks a lot fisherman for all the Suzuka summaries, this is the best suzuka source for me. Since its hard to find english scanlations.

I think this manga is doing well, although the phasing is a bit slow and isn't as "exciting" as the previous arcs.

Lets see what Kouji does.

At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i should have started reading this now instead of last month because now im bored as hell waiting for the new chapter and its not like i can finish reading tenjou tenge becuase their new volume isnt out yet and i dont know when it does so im basically boned three ways from sunday =)


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