Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Suzuka 149 Special

凉风 #149 Special 美少女 X 湯煙 X 袋トヂ

The chapter happened at night, after hours at Ayano san's public bath house. Yamato was enjoying himself in the sauna room, saying that's the priviledge of the cleaner after hours. Yamato commented that only the female bath house has sauna and he wanted to use it as well. He spent 30 minutes in there and decided to leave, feeling bit dehyrated. Suzuka opened the door and found Yamato in there. Suzuka asked what's he doing in the bathroom, emphasizing it's a girl's bath house.

Yamato explained that it's after hours and he thought there shouldn't be anyone patronizing the bathhouse. She said that he should at least put on the cleaning in progress sign. She scolded him idiot and commanded him to leave. As Yamato was about to leave, he heard Saotome and Megumi outside saying that someone else beaten them to the bathroom. Yamato told Suzuka that Saotome and Megumi were outside the sliding door. Megumi mentioned that Yamato should be cleaning it but Saotome said that she had grabbed hold of Yamato's weakness and she could force him out. Suzuka grabbed Yamato away and went inside the sauna room. The exposed Saotome and Megumi went into th bath area. Suzuk pushed Yamato against the wall, trying to hid him from vision. Saotome noticed the sauna room is closed and asked if there's anyone in there. Suzuka sat on Yamato, covering him from being noticed by Saotome (no within her vision angle) who's looking through the glass door. Saotome asked if she could join her. Suzuka answered that she want to be alone wth some thoughts. Saotome then told her to watch the limit of 10 minutes. Yamato was bit dehydrated from his previous 30 minutes sauna session. He started to lose his consciousness while Suzuka had a peek through the glass.

After 20 minutes, Saotome and Megumi were still outside. Suzuka looked at Yamato and found him lying there unconscious. She slapped his face asking if he was fine. Saotome approached the window and asked how long would she take and if she was fine. To prevent Saotome from discovering Yamato she spread open her bath towel, hiding the lying Yamato from Saotome's vision. (The first time Kouji has Suzuka's quarter nipple exposed) Saotome asked what she doing. Suzuka replied that it was a bit hot. Saotome then told her to come out from the sauna sot that they could use it. Suzuka replied she would leave soon. Yamato started to regain his consciousness but Suzuka stomped her feet on Yamato face, stopping him from looking at her naked body. Saotome asked what's the noise and Suzuka replied she doing some exercise. Later, Saotome and Megumi left, with Saotome saying that Suzuka's acting bit like Yamato. Suzuka was relieved that they had left. Suzuka then found the dehydrated Yamato bleeding due to her blow on his face. Back in Yamato's room, Suzuka fanned Yamato and asked if he was fine. Yamato said that he never thought of fainting and guessed he must be overheated. Suzuka said that she had hard time cleaning the sauna which looked bit like a murder scene. Yamato wondered his nose hurt and asked if he bumped onto something. Suzuka replied who knows. Yamato then commented that he saw two faint round pizza pie when he regain consciousness in the sauna previously. Suzuka was shocked and ordered him to forget about it.

Chapter ended with caption Never to be continued...!? and a colour page of Miho saying Ayano san forbid her to read, so you (the reader) has to read it yourself.

Aside: The chapter actually has quiz on the top with answers at the bottom.

P/S: I find it bit amusing. Fanservice is the word to sum the special chapter.



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