Friday, April 20, 2007

HLJ Idle

Re-formatted my C partition because power up, networking and battery charging problem. Waste the whole day yesterday because of using an image technique. Everything's fine now.

My HLJ order which comprises the Tamiya Gold paint and Mr. Colour clear gloss has been ready for shipping for 5 days. Last year I encountered the same problem around the Easter break and Christmas break. They said they had too many orders to process because of holiday and most things got delay. If they send it next week, I need to wait until at least 14th May to start assembling my MG Strike Freedom. :(

Update: HLJ just send me order. I was about to send and email asking why the order hasn't been shipped after a week of idling for shipping. Merchandises cost 1300 Yen and the shipping cost 780 Yen (enough to buy another can of spray!), totaling 2080 Yen.


At 11:37 PM, Anonymous super rats said...

HLJ is pretty slow when it comes to processing orders. Makes me anxious sometimes where I want to reach through the Internet, grab someone, and say, ship it already!


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