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Suzuka 145 Breakdown

凉风 #145 決裂 けつれつ

In the morning, Yamato could still feel the pain on his slap because of Suzuka's slap the night before. He commented that she shouldnt be that angry even though he touhed her breast. Outside his room, he decided to apologize to Suzuka since he didnt want them to quarrel. Suzuka came out from her room and Yamato tried to talk to her. Suzuka asked him not to get near her. She went away. Yamato chased after her and asked her to wait. He asked her to listen to what he had to say. She replied that she didnt want to listen. Yamato apologized for the incident but Suzuka shouted telling him to stop talking to her. In the evening, Miho came to Yamato room and told him to have dinner. Yamato was in bad mood and he yelled at Miho telling her that he didnt want to eat. Miho was angry and puzzled as well. Yamato was wondering why Suzuka got so angry even when he had apologized. He acknowledged that it was because of Yasonobu advice but he didnt just simply go for it. He wondered f what he did was really overboard. Suzuka was in her room and the frog toy was stucked in the hole linking between Yamato and her room. She heard her bell ringing and went to open her door. Yamato was outside and told her that he had something to talk to her. He asked if she had time but Suzuka replied that she didnt have anything to talk to him. Yamato stopped her from closing the door and asked her to listen in loud voice. She told him not speak that loud and asked him to enter her room. Yamato apologized and entered the room.

Suzuka was ready to listen. Yamato told her that he disagreed with the incident the night before. He agreed that it was bit of a sudden and he was at fault. He remarked that they were dating and why she so reluctant. Suzuka asked why he insisted on acting so. Yamato replied that he wasn't stubborn but it was normal for couples who were dating. Suzuka replied that the way how a relationship work out depended on couples. She asked why watching movie, eating and playing together isnt sastifying. Suzuka remarked that she couldnt understand why Yamato insisted on going so far in the relationship. Yamato disagreed and Suzuka angrily told him that she was sastified with how they were before. Yamato got agitated and told her that he wasn't sastified with it. Suzuka was shocked. Suzuka told him that she didnt want to listen anymore and asked him to leave. Yamato tried to continue but Suzuka told him to leave. Outside her room, Yamato wondered why they had to argue over the matter.



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Parker said...

I don't think the fault is with Yamato this time. He is just expressing feelings and needs towards Suzuka. Sometimes I wonder why are these two even a couple. They are so different at times, yet the author always finds some way to mingle them together. Looks like Hattori's advice backed fired again.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger -MK said...

I hope everything works out between Suzuka and Yamato because I think they're a great couple ^_^ .

To the translator: I just wanted to say thank you for your weekly updates and translations of the manga!!! It's greatly appreciated. I recently finished the anime and am caught up with the manga and because you seem knowledgeable on the subject of "Suzuka," I was wondering if you could help answer some of my questions. Is there going to be a second season of the anime because I really miss it and am really sad that there's only one season :( . And is the manga going to be going on for a while because I don't want it to end either :( . Can you tell me what's going on because I looked up everything i could about Suzuka and it seems like the only recent "thing" that's been happening with "Suzuka" is the release of an english dubbed version (which i don't care about). Blah, thanks for your time and a reply would be greatly appreciated!

At 3:34 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

-mk: Thank you. Glad you enjoy Suzuka as well.

1. There's no announcement nor hint on second season so far. The author might just have enough material for a second season considering last season covered chapter 1-72. However, there's no indication for a second season now.

2. Suzuka is serialized and released every week, apart from some break for Kouji to source material. The only thing we wont know is whether he would conclude soon or not. Many had speculated that it would end previously but it's still continuing. Also there's a short note in Kouji online diary that it wont end soon.

3. "Can you tell me what's going on because I looked up everything i could about Suzuka "
What do you mean??? What you want to know???

At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

woo... i agree with yamato, when he explained his side but i think that was a bit too low when he said "he wasnt satisfied". He just sounded like a PERV.


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