Friday, June 02, 2006

Suzuka 107 Pursuit

凉风 #107 追打 おいうち

Yamato pondered on Suzuka's reaction and behaviour. He reliazed that their conversation frequency has reduced. He started to feel that he was further from her compared to before. He supposed that he should put priority on tracks over work.

The next day, he met Suzuka outside his room. Suzuka looked at him and walked away. He caught up with her and told her that he would reduce the number of working day. Suzuka remarked that he's decided that after she told him off. Yamato denied and said that he has decided to work hard with her in the track activity. He also apologized for what he said the day before. Suzuka then said,"Since you have decided, then put in effort in the track activity." She left for school. Saotome and Megumi came down the stairs and greeted Yamato. Saotome said that Yamato must have provoke Suzuka and called hm useless. Yamato was speechless and walked away.

After the practice, Miyamoto asked Yamato as he was not preparing to leave. Yamato replied that he want to practise. Miyamoto suggested of joining him but Yamato declined. Miki commented that she was impressed that Yamato would practise on his own. Suzuka sarcastically remarked on his persistence. Miki asked if they have tiff but Suzuka denied. Later, Yamato asked Suzuka if she would walk home with him. Suzuka agreed and went to change her cloth.

Yamato finished changing and complained about his muscular ache. He decided to make a call to reduce the working days. Mr Amami told him that Yui was sick. She had contracted pneumonia but it was not life-treahtening. He said that it would take some time for her to recuperate and help at the cafe. Mr Amami asked Yamato to help out in the coming weekend. Suzuka approached Yamato and heard Yamato's reply. After finishing the call, Suzuka asked Yamato about his reply. Yamato tried to explain but Suzuka was to angry to listen. She then said that Yamato can do whatever he like and it's none of her business. She walked away leaving Yamato in rage.


AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa OST revealed

AMG website has updates on character fashion, episode summary, DVD and CD section. I saw the cover art for the new OST and I decided to add it to my purchase list immediately. It should be out in July. Still deciding what to add and omit to my purchase list.

The cover art for Drama CD 1 looks good too but I wouldnt want to collect them. The cover arts for New ED single and Drama CD2 are yet revealed.

New ED: 26th July
Drama CD1: 5th July
New OST: 28th July
Drama CD2: 25th August

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