Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mangaka: Mizuki Kawashita


Mizuki Kawashita

One of the few female mangaka in Japan. Her most famous work is ichigo 100% (いちご 100%) about a boy, Manaka Junpei, who accidentally encountered a bishoujo with strawberry panty and confessed to the wrong girl. The centerpiece of the story revolves around Manaka Junpei, Toujo Aya and Nishino Tsukasa.There are 4 girls Toujo Aya, Nishino Tsukasa, Minamimoto Yui and Kitaooji Satsuki who make up all the 4 directions NSEW with Manaka as middle.

Ichigo 100% has been publised in the Shounen Jump since 2002 until now. 19 volume of the manga has been printed. 2 novels with title "My Sweet Memory of ~いちご~" and "~恋が始まる!?撮影合宿~" have been released.

Ichigo 100% has been adapted for 26 TVCM series with 2 series in the DVD collection. In addition, an OVA was produced for Jump FESTA and 4 DVDs has been released by Liverpol. Lantis produced in totalof ? CD for this series. These comprise a TVCM OST, OVA OST, 4 Characters File CDs, 2 Drama TheaterCDs and a Sweet Cafe Radio CD. Shueisha also produced 5 drama CD for the series. In addition a PS game basedon ichigo 100% has also been released by tomy.co.jp.

Other works include Liliam Kiss (りりむキッス) of 2 volumes, Akane Chan Overdrive (あかねちゃんoverdrive) of 2 volumesand かえで台風(タイフーン) of 1 volume.

Official website: http://www.ichigo100.com/
P/S: Next Mangaka to be introduced; Gosho Aoyama