Saturday, July 15, 2006

Suzuka 114 Airport

凉风 #114 空港 くうこう

In his dark room, lying on the bed, Yamato looked at Miki's message on his phone. She wrote that Suzuka's leaving in an hour and asked him to see her off. It was 9.37am. Yamato looks at the photo and said that Suzuka has managed to remember his birthday (30th July) before she left for America. Then, it reminded Yamato of Suzuka's birthday. He realized that he had forgotten Suzuka's birthday (1st June). Yamato remembered that it was also the day Yui was hospitalized [Refer to chapter 107]. He also realized that Suzuka was anticipating his remembrance the night before she moved out [Reference chapter 110]. Yamato then thought of the time he spent with Suzuka, that Suzuka had to endure her disappointment, while he was trying to supress his feeling to prevent confrontation with her. Yamato then decided to rush to the airport. It's 10am.

At the airport, the track team bid farewell to Suzuka. Miyamoto and Kinugasa sempai were asking about Yamato's whereabout. Miki asked Suzuka to wait and she would call Yamato again. Suzuka asked her not to and said she had bid farewell to him. Miki asked her if it was ok to break up like that. She answered she has decided. The boarding call for Suzuka's flight was announced. Everyone bid her farewell and Suzuka left.

Yamato rushed in from the other side and called Suzuka. Yamato apologized for forgetting her birthday. Suzuka asked if he rushed there just to tell her that. Yamato replied "that.. but also..." Suzuka asked "but .. what..?" Yamato looked at her, proclaimed that he loved her and he didnt want to break up with her. Suzuka was embarassed. He added, "Dont go to America". Suzuka was silent, turned around and then said "Stupid". She left and the exhausted Yamato sat down crying. Meanwhile Suzuka also wept. The chapter ended with the plane departed.

P/S: One thing that everyone in animesuki forum forgot is Suzuka's birthday, even me. I have the Suzuka official guide, a look would immediately help me to realize that Yamato forgot Suzuka's birthday. But the drama since chapter 110 had shocked us and kept us making all sort of guess. Looks like Kouji really knows what he's doing. I'm guessing the next chapter should be on IH competition. Suzuka should be out of the picture for a few chapters.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

DB GT Boxset order

Last time, my gf played a "person guessing game" in our fellowship group. My sister did the description and my gf was asked to guess. The moment my sis saw the question, she hinted "Dragon Ball" and my gf guess it was me immediately. :P

My favourite is the DBZ manga and the 13 movies. The DBZ animation wasnt really for me when compared to the manga. Dragon Ball GT quality wasnt that great but considering there's no manga, I would have to settle for the animation. A nice collection to finish my Dragon Ball collection.

I have been longing for Dragon Ball GT DVD collection for years but it was painful to collect them DVD by DVD. Each cost around AUD$24 here in Australia. There's 15 DVDs excluding the lost episodes, so totaling about AUD$360.

Recently, I saw some irresistable offers from local Australia distributor JB Hi Fi. The boxset of 5 DVD usually cost around AUD$65-$70 now offered at AUD$40. I have ordered the whole collection of 3 boxsets, DVD 1-15 for a total of AUD$127.44 including freight of $7.50. There's no special offer for the lost episode boxset so I'll settle for it next time. There's also the movie boxset but I'm more interested in movie 12 and 13. Hope they will arrive next week.

Link: Boxset 1, Boxset 2 and Boxset 3

P/S: Offers end 14th August 2006.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Suzuka 113 Park

凉风 #113 公園 こうえん

First page shows the depressed Yamato reminiscing Suzuka's farewell in his room. The next day, Yamato put in all his effort in running. Kinugasa sempai was impressed with his effort and had high expectation in him for the coming IH. During the 2 minutes break, Miki approached Yamato. She complimented his spirit and added he shouldnt embarassed himself in the IH as Suzuka's boyfriend. Yamato didnt show much expression, Miki felt strange and asked if Yamato and Suzuka havent patch up. She added that there must be something wrong happening from his attitude and expresison. Yamato denied and walked away.

After the practice, Miki walked home with Yamato. She was puzzled since it wasn't Yamato's route back home. Yamato replied that he didnt feel like going home. Miki asked if he's still arguing with Suzuka. Yamato felt annoyed. Miki added that Suzuka would leave for America next week and asked if he would send her off. Yamato replied maybe not. Miki was shocked and told him to patch up with Suzuka since she's leaving soon. Yamato told her that they have broken up the night before. Miki asked him about the reason but Yamato replied that he didnt hear any. Miki was shocked to know that Yamato didnt ask for the reason from Suzuka. Yamato replied that she had expressed her feeling and he felt discouraged looking at her expression.

Crossing the road, Miki noticed that Yamato seem relieved. She felt incomprehensible since she knew Yamato liked Suzuka. She wondered why Suzuka would do that out of sudden. Yamato told her that maybe Suzuka felt that they were not comparable and he was not only clumsy but irresponsible as well. Miki denied and said that he's not irresponsible and he has shown that in his track practice. Yamato added that there has been many arguments between them and Suzuka might have grown tired of it. Miki asked Yamato to visit Suzuka tomorrow and she would accompany him. Yamato refused and said it could bother her. Yamato tripped and fell down. Miki remarked that he was indeed clumsy and asked if he's hurt. She then noticed Yamato crying. She understood Yamato's pain. Miki again suggested sending Suzuka off. Yamato refused.

My heart ache to see Yamato crying............

P/S: There's 50-50 chance of Yamato going to send Suzuka off or not. The last line from Yamato is rather hard to translate since it a casual speech, "ikane-yo". "Iku" means "go" and "ikanai" is the complement, "yo" is an emphasis. I think it should be "How could I" or "dont want". Kouji Seo has done a good job in capturing our interest in Suzuka, though it's sad to read.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Suzuka V12 and Pastel V14 Revealed

Suzuka volume 12 has been revealed. Yeah, as I have predicted, Yui's on the cover. Though I rather have her alone like cover 1 to 9, instead of Yamato in the background. Volume 12 should comprises chapter 97 to chapter 105.

Pastel 14 has also been revealed. Mugi will face a huge challenge with Hinako presence and Yuu. Both manga wull be released on 14th of July.


AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 14

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 14:

Sentaro saw Belldandy with Holy bell and asked Skuld if she had an angel. Skuld promised to let him see her angel the next day. Skuld then tried very hard to release her angel. She later swallowed the egg and fainted. Urd suggested enlosing the angel since Skuld wasnt able to control it. Belldandy and Urd tried to enclose the egg before it obtain its physical being but the angel has surfaced. Noble scarlet was very small compared to Holy Bell and World of Elegance(Had a big laugh when I saw this scene).

The next day, Skuld showed Noble scarlet to Sentaro but Noble scarlet messed up many things. At sunset, Sentaro invited Skuld to watch his race the next day. Noble scarlet pushed Skuld and she accidentally kissed Sentaro's cheek. Skuld was furious with Noble scartlet since she though Sentaro would hate her for what she had done. She wished Noble scarlet would return to her egg. Belldandy had a talk with Noble scarlet and told her that Skuld did not really hate her.

The next day, Noble scarlet brought the ice-cream Keiichi that had bought to Skuld. Skuld wasnt angry with her anymore. Noble scarlet tagged Skuld shirt and wanted her to go to Sentaro race. Sentaro had a small accident and fell down. Skuld made it in time and encouraged him. He won the race. Noble scarlet again shifted Skuld to the front and she had a conversation with Sentaro. After seeing the happy Skuld and Sentaro, Noble scarlet disappeared. Later Belldandy and Urd appeared and told her that Noble scarlet had returned to her egg. Skuld cried but Belldandy comforted her. The next day, Sentaro asked Noble Scarlet's whereabout. Skuld said that she wont be back soon but she would returned when Skuld's mature enough to handle her.

P/S: This episode was rather disappointing for me because of certain poorly animated scenes. Surprise to see that Sentaro was exposed to the secret of goddess besides Keiichi. Next week, Mara will appear.

ARIA The Natural
Episode 14:
「その いちばん新しい想い出に…」

It's summer but Akari could feel the gentle breeze early in the morning. She would then woke up earlier. The sun has not risen yet but Akari went rowing with sachou. She saw many parinas. Parina is a pole used for tying boats but also as a sign for to represent different shops. She reached home and asked Alicia why didnt they have a parina for Aria company. Alice gave her the task of making a parina for the company. Akari didnt have her usual practice with Aika and Alice since she had to design the parina. She found a memoir of Aria company in the attic and saw young Grandma with sachou. She also saw an Aria parina design. She returned to the living room and saw Grandma. She brought corns for them. Alicia came back and enjoyed the lunch together. Akari looked at the blue sea and felt the white wind. This gave her an inspiration and she finished her design. She showed it to Alicia and she liked it. The next day, Akari started the painting the parina. She finished it in the evening as Alicia came back from work. The parina was nice, it has the aria robe sign and an aria hat design on top. Alicia, Akari and sachou had dinner on gondola to celebrate the unveiling of their parina.

Aria company parina by Akari.

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