Saturday, December 08, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 11: Kusuda and Kei, possibility??? Speechless
Tsubasa 175: Excellent chapter on the duel between Syaoran and C.Syaoran. Looks like the more C.Syaoran used magic, the stronger he got. Both invoked Raitei Shourai and one of them suffered the impact. Guess who??? One more chapter before a double serialization
Tennis 369: Rikkai Vs Seigaku 5-2. Momo told Seigaku that Ryoma's slowly regaining his memory. Oishi and Kikumaru activated their synchronisation. Sanada and Aoba decided to join in the fun of reviving Ryoma's memory. (BTW who's the idiot who said Genius 369 will be the last chapter... )
Air Gear 187: What a rubbish..... where's the dustbin???
Cross Game 107: Akane met Momiji who was drawing by the lake. Akane accompanied her home and gave Momiji a potrait of herself. The Tsukishima family were stunned to see her.

My ARIA calendar 2008 has been on processed for shipping status since Wednesday. Looks like HLJ's real busy with the festive season and relocation. Lucky I had it on EMS, so hopefully they'll ship it early next week and reach my doorstep as my Christmas present. Play-asia shipped my AMG Tsubasa Tatakau OP single but charged me without the affiliate credit. Sent an email regarding the issue since I lost the credit as well.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Kotobukiya Kureha April 2008

Kotobukiya will release a Kureha figure in April next year. Why am I excited? Because it's 1/8 and I'm gonna get it!

I didn't acquire the last Kureha figure because it was 1/7 in size. The Kotobukiya Kureha figure early bird price is 5510 Yen. HLJ doesn't have it for pre-order yet but it's available for pre-order at HobbySearch