Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ARIA Natural CD Updates

Few updates on ARIA OST in near future.

1. Blue Blue Wave Aria The Natural- Toi Kioku No Mirage Intro & Outro Theme
Intro and outro theme for PS2 Aria The Natural will be available in October. There is a sample track for download at Alchemist website. Still considering whether I would purchase the CD. The song is pleasant to listen and a poster will be attached as bonus extra.

At the moment, it's available at CD Japan, Play-asia and Amazon for pre-order.

2. ARIA The NATURAL Vocal Song Collection

Aria The Natural vocal collection will be released on 6th September. I'm thinking of placing an order on this. It is available for pre-order at Yesasia and Play-asia.


Just saw this on ARIA website. “ARIA The STATION Neo-VENEZIA INFORMALE” is the radio CD for ARIA The Animation rather than Aria The Natural. It will be on sale on 29th September.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kouji Seo and Coach

Just received my Yesasia July order. There's Suzuka (CH) volume 11 and I noticed a page with Kouji drawing of COACH. They are the group that presented Suzuka anime OP and ED. Two of them were also the seiyuu for the anime, Miho and Nana. COACH also left 2 pages of message in volume 11.

I was intrigued by Kouji drawing skills and decided to take a shoot and share it with Suzuka fans out there. :)


AMG Tsubasa OST Order

Just received my Yesasia July order. This time the shipping is real fast, 6 days only. There's Suzuka (CH) volume 11, AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa ED2 Koibito Doushi and AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa OST.

I had a post on the AMG ED2 Koibito Doushi, so I wont write about it again.

I was a bit disappointed with the AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa OST CD. The booklet has little pictures and only about 8 pages including the covers, 2 sheets basically. Page 1 comprises the track lists, page 2 contains the lyrics to OP & ED, page 3 & 4 record an interview with Yoko Ishida, page 5 has some screenshots and the credits on last page. Though the cover art is excellent!!!

I saw a shopping note on Yesasia about a bonus gift but I didnt receive any. I email Yesasia and they said maybe by the time they acquired it, it has been gone. I even pre-ordered the OST! Darn!

Heard the tracks, not bad, considering there are diversity of flavours in this compilations. A few songs in previous compilations has been touched up and sound a lot better. I really like how they improved the "Yasashi Kokoro" theme to "Sorezore no Tsubasa" track. This version or the new track sounds very touching and soothing. "Yume no ato ni" is also an excellent tune. Glad I own it!

The cover art for AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa OST.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

AMG Tsubasa and Aria Natural Episode 18

AMG Sorezore no Tsubasa それぞれの翼
Episode 18:

Mara worked diligently in a bento shop. She then wondered why's she doing so since she was a first class demon. Back at her hideout, she asked her minions about it. They said that Mara's plan kept failing. Kid Hild appeared beside her and Mara was terrified. Kid Hild agitated Mara and Mara determined to show her capability.

At Keiichi home, Mara tried to use the magic urn on Belldandy but it didnt have any effect since there's no dual characters to extract. Belldandy later invited her to steamboat (nabe). Back at her hideout, Mara told Hild about a magic lamp. But there a loophole so Hild helped her out. Hild casted magic on the lamp so that people would see the urn as their utmost desired objects. Skuld, Urd, Megumi, Ootaki, Tamiya and Chihiro kissed their desired objects and was sucked into the lamp. Belldandy didnt see an illusion and she thought it was a lamp given by her sister. She used hot water to clean it and everyone reappeared. She casted her magic to remove the illusions. Back home, the minions played street figther with Mara in it. Hild was interested in Belldandy.

P/S: Next week, they revert back to kodoma, the ninjas arc...what are they doing????

ARIA The Natural
Episode 18:

Akira organized a barbeque. Akari and Alice reached the BBQ venue first. Alicia and Atena came after finishing their work. Akira and Alice were dancing and singing a meat song, Atena joined them. Aika came last with vegetables. Akari complement Aika's long hair. Aika was very happy when Alicia complement her hair. Later, Akira smelt burning smell and she saw Aika hair burnt. She took the table cloth and cover her head to extinguish the flame. Aika ran away and Akari and Alice chased after her. Akari and Alice comforted Aika and cut her hair short. Aika told them that she wanted a long hair so that she could be like Alicia. Akira heard her and said she would never be Alicia. Aika ran out in tears but Akira stopped her. She told her only Alicia could be Alicia, and only Aika could be Aika. She then understood Akira's concern for her.

Few days later, they had BBQ again. Aika appeared in a short hair and she felt comfortable with her new look. Aika smiled to Akira in recognition for her care and effort.

P/S: The short hair Aika looks very much like the young Akira

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