Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

Tsubasa 178: Now Sakura turned out to be a CLONE as well!!! Wonder what kind of story plot does Clamp have in mind.
Cross Game 109: Aoba had her spring cleaning. Akane went to visit Aoba to thank her for saving her.
AMG232: Chrono felt depressed but Belldandy gave her an ice-cream and comforted her. The thing that was lost was the vocal tuning algorithm and wihout it, singing voice will disappear from the world. First they lost the memory and they are about to lose their voice. Kosuke Fujishima really need a better plot than this.

Going to acquire Suzuka V18, ARIA V11 and Cross Game V10 this month. Hope Pastel V18 will also be out by then. In addition, I'll get a portion of Prince of Tennis manga, maybe V18-V39. Alice and Akari punit collection will be released next month instead. My brother's getting MG Destiny Extreme Burst from HLJ, hope he'd get it since one's for me. ^^


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ARIA The Origination 1

OP Theme: スピラーレ by 牧野由依 (Makino Yui)

Episode 1:「第1話「その やがて訪れる春の風に…」

During their practice, Akari and Aika complimented Alice for her confidence which she enriched during the carnival. Aika let off a yawn and a chain reaction occured. The girls excitedly discuss the spring coming soon in their usual manner. They were going to stop by a cafe nearby and Akari saw Al and Akatsuki by the waterfront. They were studying but Akatsuki soon got into quarrel with Aika.

Back home at ARIAc ompany, Alicia came home with delicious looking sandwiches. Aria sachou ate them too fast and choked itself. Later, Woody arrived and passed a small package for Alicia to Akari. It was from their guests during the carnival. Alicia opened the package an found a small sakura jam and a box of sakura tead. Thus, she decided to gather their friends to enjoy it together. Alicia and Akari went for grocery shopping while Aria sachou tried fishing by the company waterfront (It got bitten by a tiny crab). They later baked biscuit to go with the jam. Akira, Aika and Alice arrived and they had the meal first since Athena would be late.

While enjoying the tea, Aika asked about the guests who gave them the sakura jam. Alicia and Akari told them about a girl with her mum on the cold day. The daughter was disappointed for the wrong timing but her mum remarked that she had never seen snow before . Alicia remarked that she would receive something wonderful and after swaying the gondola a few times, upon reaching the large waterfront, a snow flake dropped onto the mum's hand. Both the mum and daugther were enchanted by the experience.

Aika then told them regarding Akira's amazing experience. There were four men in the gondola and one of the was standing and swaying while wearing a mask. Aika was controlling her frustration while Akira tried very hard to maintain the balance of the gondola. As Aika was about to bursted her patience, the man was about to fell into the water but Akira went to save the man from falling into the water.

Alice also told of Athena's amazing experience where a baby was throwing a tantrum and spoiling the atmosphere. Athena made funny faces and the baby laughed. Alice believed that it was amazing that Athena could make the crying baby laughed through her funny expressions.

Athena then arrived and joined them. Aika commented that it would be hard for them to catch up with the three fairies. Alicia then told them that even prima undines have a long way to go. Aika in turn asked Akira about her sastifaction. Akira replied that one cannot be fully sastified since they were also experiencing new things and improving themselves. Afterward, the three young undines went outside and talked about achieving and being prima undines in near future. Inside the house, the three fairies looked at the young undines and remarked that they would become excellent prima undines.

ED 金の波 千の波 by 新居昭乃 (Akino Arai)

P/S: It's wondeful to watch new episode of ARIA. A new seson of ARIA makes the season worhtwhile! Personally, I like the ED better than the OP. And if you speed up the ED, it would sound even better which I found out by accident. Still deciding whether I'll purchase the OP and ED. by the way, the yawn is really contagious. After Aika, Akari, Alice and Aria sachou yawned, I also yawned. Let me know if you experienced it.

Note: It has been my tradition to write short summary only but this time I included screen shots. Adun should also be covering this series as usual. In addition, I think there'll be a lot of people who's going to cover ARIA the Origination because of its popularity and the lack of good anime this season.

Extra: My previous coverage on ARIA The Natural anime or anything to do with ARIA.

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