Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Suzuka 101 Culinary Skills

凉风 #101 腕前 うでまえ

It was spring holiday and Yamato has to work for the entire day. Mr. Amami said that Yamato has started get accustomed in the job and has helped them a lot. After the customers left, Yui suggested that she would prepared something to eat. Mr. Amami said that he should prepare the food. However, Yui insisted since there weren't any more customers.

Mr Amami then said (with a panic face) that he would close the cafe and he has to go and buy something. He whispered to himself, apologizing to Yamato and said that he has rather high blood pressure recently. Yui asked Yamato to wait and went to prepare something delicious.

Yamato was eager to see what Yui could prepare. Yui came out with a dish comprising fish head, meat, garlic, radish and other unknown susbtances. Yamato was stunned. Yui said she has prepared the Milan style vegetable soup. Yamato then asked why there's fish head and nori in the vegetable soup.

Apparently, Yui did like her own cooking (!!!). Mr Amami came back later and saw Yamato squating down and closing his mouth. He offered his some medicine for his stomach. Yui popped up and asked what they were doing. She then said that she would also prepare the dinner since there werent much customers that day.Yamato quickly shouted that he would prepare the dinner. The motion was quickly seconded by Mr. Amami.

Yui was impressed by Yamato's culinary skills. He was preparing the Japanese style okonomiyaki. He said that it was own-style, learnt from his mother. Yamato made a remark regarding his mother and Yui ended up telling him that her mother has passed away.Yui's mother has passed away after giving birth to her and also she was weak all the time. Yamato apologized but Yui asked why did he apologize to her. Yamato then asked if there was any nori flavouring. Yui said there were others. Yamato decided to purchase the flavouring and asked Yui to wait. He realized that both Asahina and Yui were of no difference in culinary skills.

Yamato also said that okonomiyaki did not require any seaweed, as we can see that Yui was holding a packet of seaweed sheets behind her.

Yamato managed to prepare a decent-looking okonomiyaki. Both Yui and Mr. Amani were impressed and complimented the dish. Yui has also prepared a desert, ice-cream. Yamato looked at the suspicious chocolate-look-alike thing on the ice-cream and asked Yui about them. Yui said it was nori. She then fed a spoonful to Yamato. It was salty. Yamato thought to himself, she was worse than Suzuka.

My thoughts:
The whole chapter is about Yui and Yamato. Hopefully next week we get to see scene outside the cafe. It's been ages since we last see Honoka. If I'm not wrong, the last scene was in volume 9. After that Kouji focused on Suzuka, then Yui, Satome, Suzuka's study and now Yui. By the way, the covers for volume 11 is out. There's one for special edition. Visit Kouji Seo website for more information.


March Order and Ichigo 100% TV OST

Received my March order from Yesasia this morning. It's about time, I expect the parcel to arrive by Monday and it's Wednesday today. There's 2 CDs and 7 chinese version manga. I was very impressed with Ichigo 100% TV OST, the cover was very nice, silver colour. I took some pictures and scans of the OST but the silver/platinum colour turn dark during the scanning process. Even the CD themselves are beautiful, there's tones in the colours. I bought the Special Edition which comprise the Valentine Digest DVD as well. As for the mangas, there are Suzuka 7, 8 & 9, Cross Game 1 & 2 and Ichigo 100% 18 & 19.

Ichigo 100% TV OST pictures

Next purchase in mind.... FFVII AC DVD (US) and AMG TV2 OP
Think my sister will get me KH II (US) for my birthday next week.