Friday, January 08, 2010

Gundam Unicorn RX-0 Ver. Ka Titanium Finish

Completed the MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Titanium Finish. Cant wait for the OVA to be released this year!

* Lack of articulation for the ankle.
* The waterslide gold foil decals are hard to apply onto its antenna.
* Titanium finish looks excellent until you realize there's no suitable paint to fix the nips.
* Prefer the dry marking stickers to be all decals. Gundam Unicorn is plain in colour so it really need the decals to complement itself.
* Separate limited edition gatling guns available only with Gundam UC Novel book4 special edition


* I should have spray painted the internal light grey parts to silver leaf. I did it to portion of the beam rifle and it looked pretty good. So I suggest spray paint the internal parts to silver leaf.
* As for the gold horn, paint or spray paint with gold leaf Tamiya acrylic paint. Mix with thinner for lighter gold leaf.
* If you dont want to end up with dark nips, go for the flat white version.
* Special waterslide decals are available for purchase.

Impression 1:
The Gundam Unicorn figure looks large compared to the rest of the figure. Look at below picture. for comparison of the destroy mode against other MG gundam model. The unicorn mode is probably almost the same as MG Infinite Justice. The

Impression 2:
Regarding the titanium finish, let's have a look at its composition. The internal is actually translucent, coated with chrome finish, followed by thin layer of white and then coated with gloss.

The problem I had is to fix the nips after removing them from the runner. As one can see, even if you trim to the translucent layer, it'll still look a bit dark due to internal reflection of the chrome. See second area from left.

Nevertheless, the figure really looks fabulous under lighting.

Some photos of the Gundam Unicron model in Destroy mode.

Gundam Unicorn with its magnum and shield.

Gundam Unicorn with its hyper bazooka.

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