Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gundam Modeling

Found sites that have very good modeling of Gundam models. These guys spent a lot of the colouring details. My favourite Gundam is still the Gundam Wing Zero Custom. The appeal of the feathered-wing is far more than those wings possessed by Gundam Strike Freedom, Gundam Destiny and Gundam Wing.

On the website, there is a XXXG-0W00 WING GUNDAM ZEROCUSTOM Damage Expression Version. I would dont even think of doing that to a Perfect Grade Gundam, but the author did a brilliant job. After all, Wing Zero Custom was the higlight of Endless Waltz with its machine cannon (which destroyed itself). Do visit the site, Wonder Excellence or Mesarion. There are also excellent pictures of Gundam Destiny, Freedom, Force Impulse, Strike Freedom, Strike Rouge, Wing Zero, Tallgeese and much more.

Danny Choo also has a wonderful website showing his gundam collection as well as a tutorial on waorking with Gundam models.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ARIA The Animation Drama CD

Got some pictures of ARIA The Animation Drama CD. So I thought of posting it up. There are 3 Drama CD, one original soundtrack and 2 singles of the theme song, both OP and ED.

ARIA Drama CD I Blue, II Red and III Orange


Also, ARIA The Animation has announced its intention for a second season. This will be one anime I'll keep a eye on. It's a change for usual stereotype anime such as mecha and school life. There's not too many cast, manily 6 undines and perhaps 3 cats. It tells the story of Undines in planet Aqua. The most attractive setting in this anime is the background arts. Though the anime may not be interesting for those who likes action, but certainly a nicely choreographed anime. I did a post on ARIA before, here.

The soundtracks are available at Yesasia and Playasia.
ARIA OST @ Yesasia or @ Playasia
ARIA Drama CD I Blue @ Yesasia or @ Playasia
ARIA Drama CD II Red @ Yesasia or @ Playasia
ARIA Drama CD II Orange @ Yesasia or @ Playasia
ARIA Singles RAINBOW @ Yesasia or @ Playasia
ARIA Singles UNDINES @ Yesasia or @ Playasia

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Anymore? Ichigo 100%

I would love to get this poster if there was any.

Ichigo 100% was one of my favourite, in fact my favourite of favourites at one time, until Kawashita spoiled it with the ending. I dont take side on either Toujou Aya ending or Nishino Tsukasa ending. Though I do want a happy ending with Toujou but it was the rushing and irresponsible ending that put me off. Howver, I'm still collecting the manga, and all chinese version has been released. Just wait for more stuff to make up for the free shipping from Yesasia.

I surf the official website and see of there's anything new. Apart from some new art, there's new information on its figure, Toujou Aya and Nishino Tsukasa in their school uniform.