Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gundam Modeling

Found sites that have very good modeling of Gundam models. These guys spent a lot of the colouring details. My favourite Gundam is still the Gundam Wing Zero Custom. The appeal of the feathered-wing is far more than those wings possessed by Gundam Strike Freedom, Gundam Destiny and Gundam Wing.

On the website, there is a XXXG-0W00 WING GUNDAM ZEROCUSTOM Damage Expression Version. I would dont even think of doing that to a Perfect Grade Gundam, but the author did a brilliant job. After all, Wing Zero Custom was the higlight of Endless Waltz with its machine cannon (which destroyed itself). Do visit the site, Wonder Excellence or Mesarion. There are also excellent pictures of Gundam Destiny, Freedom, Force Impulse, Strike Freedom, Strike Rouge, Wing Zero, Tallgeese and much more.

Danny Choo also has a wonderful website showing his gundam collection as well as a tutorial on waorking with Gundam models.


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