Saturday, March 18, 2006

Square Enix Masterpieces

Two PS game worth mentioning. Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII.

For KH 2 US version pre-order, YESASIA or PLAY-ASIA.
For KH 2 Japan version ,visit either YESASIA or PLAY-ASIA.
For KH II OST sountracks, YESASIA or PLAY-ASIA

For Final Fantasy XII Japan version, YESASIA or PLAY-ASIA
For Final Fantasy XII OST version, YESASIA or PLAY-ASIA.

YESASIA has excellent preview of FFXII merchandise.These include FFXII poster sets, FFXII PS2 memory card, official FFXII world preview book and PS2 FFXII Pack of Limited Edition Console and Game. TEMPTING!!!!!!!!!!! These are also available at PLAY-ASIA


Thursday, March 16, 2006

I"s Special Manga

I"s special edition manga.
I"s <アイズ>Official Website

I”s<アイズ> 完全版


Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy White Day

Today is White Day in Japan. While St. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, White Day is celebrated a month later on March 14. White Day is a Japanese creation. In Japan, the women would give presents (chocolates) to men on Valentine's day. On White day, men are supposed to return the favours received on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was said to be imported to Japan in 1958 by a Japanese confectionery company. White Day is believed to have been introduced by a marshmallow manufacturing company in the 1960s. The white marshmallows gave the day its name but other variety of gifts such as flowers, candies and others are more popular over the years.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

ARIA The Natural

The second season of ARIA the Animation is called ARIA the Natural. The official website is ARIA COMPANY. Fisrt episode will start on 2nd of April 2006.

「ARIA The NATURAL」放送日時決定!
テレビ東京 2006/4/2(日) 25:00 
テレビ大阪 2006/4/11(火) 26:05 
テレビ愛知 2006/4/4(火) 26:28 
AT-X     2006/4/7(金) 10:30 

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