Saturday, January 20, 2007

Suzuka 135 Unexpected

凉风 #135 不意 ふい

Yamato asked Suzuka why since she said that she didn't hate him. Suzuka then replied that they would end up like before if they dated again. She wouldnt want to argue on something silly and cause tension in their relationship. She continued that she wouldnt want to end up disliking Yamato at the end. She want to remain friends so that they would have a happy memory. Yamato asked if that was the reason they broke up last time. Suzuka was silent. Yamato bursted out saying that the couldnt accept the reason and asked her why she didnt tell her before they broke up. Suzuka replied that nothing would change even if she told him back then. Suzuka then told Yamato to leave since she didnt want to argue with him over the matter. Yamato was reluctant to leave as he couldnt accept the reason. Meanwhile Ayano-san and Miki were shopping. Miki suggested having dinner before returning. Ayano-san refused first since Suzuka and Yamato had not have dinner. Miki said it's already 7pm and they should have eaten on their own. Ayano then agreed and went for dinner with Miki.

Yamato persisted but his stomach growled. Suzuka knew that he's hungry and asked if he's hungry. Yamato denied and Suzuka asked if he couldnt stop probing the matter. Yamato told her that Ayano-san was out and would return late. He asked Suzuka out for dinner. They went to CASA but it's full and need to wait 20 minutes. Suzuka suggested going back. Yamato asked Suzuka whether she's fine with another restaurant.

They went to the park and sat on the stairs. They didnt managed to dine at the second reastaurant as the reastaurant's having a rest on Tuesday. He added that having cola croquette at the park was fun as well and he hadnt done it since Suzuka left last time. Suzuka wanted to return home, saying that it would be the same even if he asked her again. Yamato told her that it wont be the same this time if they dated. Suzuka insisted that they would end up like before. Yamato replied that it wouldnt and he's confident and serious of it. Suzuka explained that it was because they hadnt see each other for a long time. She continued that if they live together, eat together or date like before, they would end up like before. Yamato insisted that it won't end like before. She looked at Yamato and told him that she wouldn't want that kind of ending. Suzuka pleaded that they remained as friends. Yamato replied that he understood and Suzuka thanked him. She told Yamato that they should return home. Yamato was having thoughts that Suzuka wouldnt listen no matter how he persisted and maybe it better to be friends.Yamato saw Suzuka's back and reminisced the past. He couldn't control himself and went hugging Suzuka from behind. Suzuka was shocked.

P/S: Well, the reason sound logical. She didnt want a relationship that argue all the time and then end up with discontent. Now, Yamato hugged Suzuka. How Suzuka respond next week will be a pivot.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Best 100 Anime Character

Came across this through Dannychoo and source from 2log. This was compiled from Animage survey.

Characters I'm interested to know:

1. Lelouch [Code Geass]
2. Kira Yamato [GSD]
3. Athrun Zala [GSD]
4. Suzumiya Haruhi [Suzumiya Haruhi]
8. Lacus Cylne [GSD]
10. Karen [Code Geass]
11. Cagalli [GSD]
12. Sakura [Tsubasa Chronicle]
16. C.C. [Code Geass]
23 Shin Asuka [GSD]
26 Belldandy [Ah! My Goddess]
27 Conan [Detective Conan]
29 Suzaku [Code Geass]
42 Louise [Zero no Tsukaima]
48 Mikuru [Suzumiya Haruhi]
50 Syaoran [Tsubasa Chronicle]
52 Yuki Nagato [Suzumiya Haruhi]
59 Mai Tokiha [Mai Hime]
59 Yzak [GSD]
64 Feena [Crescent Love]
64 Sayuri [Kanon]
70 Saber [Fate Stay Night]
70 Akari Mizunashi [ARIA The Animation]
77 Fay [Tsubasa Chronicle]
77 Murrue Ramius [GSD]
84 Kurogane [Tsubasa Chronicle]

Surprise surprise....
1. Where's Mokona??
2. Kanon only has 1 character in?
3. About 44 male characters in top 100.
4. There're 11 male characters rank Top 20.
5. There're 7 male characters rank Top 10
6. Three of top ten from Gundam Seed Destiny [GSD] #Not surprised
7. Two of top ten from Code Geass
8. Most anime characters in top 100 from GSD [6 characters].
9. All four main character from Tsubasa Chronicle made the Top 100
10. Suzumiya Haruhi has only 3 characters in top 100. #Kyon wasn't in it.
11. Yzak from GSD was in top 100. # Didn't believe Tzak from animesuki forum but now I do.
12. Lelouch no.1 but Suzaku no.29 #Wow, big gap!
13. Non of Mai Otome characters got in! #Even Mai Hime only has 1

Lelouch is the big winner!!! I'm happy that at least Belldandy, Saber and Akari made the Top 100.

Surprised that Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi didnt made the Top 100 since manys blog ranked Kyon high before, but this survey showed different perspectives. Also surprised that Nagato and Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi ranked so low (48 & 52 respectively).

Tsubasa Chronicle better put more effort in season III considering fans still love the characters. Mai Hime or Mai Otome fair poorly with just Mai Tokiha from Mai Hime in Top 100.