Friday, March 23, 2007

ARIA OVA Arietta

Wonderful news from ARIA, an OVA is in production and will be revealed in Autumn. Hope it comprises the chapter on Grandma while she's young.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Manga Order

Just placed an order with Yesasia for 4 CH manga I mentioned, Cross Game 6, ARIA 9, Suzuka 14 and Pastel 15. The manga cost US $18.46 while the shipping cost $14.95 (still painful even when I have $6.88 credit for use).

Yesasia statistic: US$465.96 purchase since Nov 2005. Breakdown, $429.96 all free shipping while recent purchases of $36 cost shipping of 22.43 (Darn). Yesasia credit generated $46.34. Miss the good days when CH manga was eligible for free shipping....

P/S: Currently playing Gundam Seed Destiny Omni vs Zaft II Plus mission mode (a bit old, I know). I should be completing FFXII (last stage) but got glued on GSD. There's more side quest to FFXII but .....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Suzuka 143 Father

凉风 #143 父親 ちちおや

Suzuka's father has a stern look. She stood up and introduced Yamato as her boyfriend and told him that he was walking her home after going out. Yamato quickly stood up, introduced himself and greeted her father. Suzuka's father told her to go home quickly since her mum would worry. Yamato apologized for going out until so late and he decided to walk her home because it might be dangerous for Suzuka to be alone. Her father was silent and not looking at Yamato. He asked Suzuka why they went out till late, ignoring Yamato. Suzuka grabbed Yamato's arm and replied that they went to the baseball evening match because Yamato liked baseball. She continued that Yamato specifically walked her home. Suzuka's dad then told her to go home. She asked her dad not to ignore Yamato. Yamato replied that it's fine and he was about to go home. Suzuka's sister, Suzune appeared from behind and asked why they were talking there. Suzuka's father then asked her why she was out at that time. She replied that she saw them from the second floor balcony and came to greet them after noticing them standing there for quite a while. Suzune asked if Suzuka's happy with the date. Suzuka replied yes and told her that Yamato walked her home. Suzune then told her to go home and invited Yamato as well. Yamato anxiously rejected the offer but Suzune told her father that her mum has been wanting to see Yamato. Suzuka dad emarked that he'd leave first. Suzune told Yamato that he's lucky that her father agreed.

Suzuka's mum prepared a cup of tea for Yamato. Yamato thanked and told her that he wont stay too long. Suzuka's mum told him not to hurry. Her mum commented that she heard a few things about Yamato and Yamato looked like what she had expected. Yamato drank the tea and stole a glance at Suzuka dad who's reading the newspaper on the dining table. Suzuka asked Yamato what's on his mind. Yamato replied that her dog was tame that night. Suzuka remarked that it has always been tame. Suzuka's mum asked him not to be nervous. Her mum remarked that it must be tiring dating Suzuka since she was very stubborn. Suzuka eyed at him while Yamato told her mum that Suzuka's very caring and had specifically gotten the ticket for him. Suzune teased Suzuka that he was praised by her boyfriend. Suzuka embarassedly told her sister to stop teasing her. Suzune further commented that Suzuka's dad did not dislike Yamato. She continued saying that last time she brought home her boyfriend, her dad told him to get out. She told Yamato that her dad wouldn't allow the boy to enter their home if the boy's didn't even know he has to greet elders. Yamato was relieved that he greeted Suzuka's father just then. Suzune then told her dad to come over and talk with Yamato. She also told her dad that Yamato would be troubled if he just sat there ignoring Yamato. Yamato denied and said that he should be returning. Suzune again asked her dad to come over. Her dad put down the newspaper and approached Yamato. Yamato was nervous and wondered if he would be angry. Suzuka's dad asked Yamato if he had plan for his future. Yamato told himself that he couldn';t just give a casual answer since Suzuka's father initiated the conversation. Yamato told her dad that he wanted to treat Suzuka well for the rest of his life. Everyone was stunned with the answer, even Suzuka's father. Suzuka's dad told Yamato that he was asking about his plan for the near future. Suzuka's dad then left the room. Suzune laughed until she cried and stomach hurt while her mum giggled. Suzuka called Yamato stupid. Suzune commented that it was her first time seeing her dad stunned. Her mum agreed and Suzuka remarked that they over-laughed.

Inside the train, Yamato was depressed for "proposing" in front of Suzuka's family. He the received an sms from Suzuka. She thanked Yamato for walking her home, attached with a smile icon. The sms also wrote that her dad has always been like that and he wasn't angry with Yamato. She asked her to come again. Yamato thought to himself even she said so, next time he should wear something more formal (like a business shirt).

P/S: I dont think Yamato would have a problem with Suzuka's dad. I actually think Yamato managed to impress her dad by accidentally showing himthat Suzuka's his priority. As Suzune had said, her dad even let Yamato into their house.