Friday, June 29, 2007

Tong Li Release

Yes, Tong Li have just released Suzuka 15, ARIA 10 and Pastel 16 CH manga. Hurray. I wasn't expecting ARIA 10 to be released so soon because the gaps between JP and CH release are usually 5 or 8 months. Maybe because ARIA manga is getting more popular nowadays. Popular manga such as Pastel and Suzuka CH are released usually 2 or 3 months after JP release. For even more popular manga such as Adachi Mitsuru's Cross Game, Jonesky release the CH version 1 or 2 months after the JP release. I should be placing an order soon once they are all available for order on Yesasia, which should comprise ARIA 10, Suzuka 15, Pastel 16 and Cross Game 7.

By the way, Tong Li will also release an ARIA booklet (水星領航員公式領航手冊) in June. Literal translation of the book is "ARIA official undine booklet". I have no idea if it's just a CH version of JP release or not. Nevertheless, I have asked Yesasia to source it as well.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

FF Mini Collection I

I believe there's more to come so I add a "I" to it. The collection comprises 5 mini figures of Vaan(FFXII), Cloud(FFVII), Penelo(FFXII), Rinoa(FFVIII) and Yuna(FFX-2). Each mini figure is 60mm. The collection is scheduled for October release with a price of 2651 Yen. Each box has 9 mini figures.

They looks absolutely fabulous and kawaii.. I have placed pre-order for them.
Available at HLJ.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Suzuka 155 Realization

Suzuka 155 結実 けつじつ:

The chapter started with Yamato running, complaining on the broken down train. He was worried that Mr. Asahina had gone to work as it was already 11am. He then worried that Mr. Asahina wont forgive him for the rest of his life. Mr. Asahina was reading a newspaper. Mrs. Asahina asked why he's taling his time slowly as he had a meeting in the morning. He answered that he had contacted the office that he would arrive at noon. Mr.s Asahina remarked that even so it was 11am. He replied that even he's not there there wont be any problem. Suzuka whispered to her mum asking what happen to her dad since he's always early. Yamato's "I'll come again tomorrow" was dwelling inside Mr. Asahina's head. The bellr ang and Mrs. Asahina remarked that it could be Yamato. Mr. Asahina said that he would open the door. He opened the door and found Yamato perspiring profusely.

Yamato greeted him and apologized immediately. He explained that he wanted to come earlier but electric train broke down. Mr. Asahina looked at him and asked if that's the excuse that he was late. Yamato was puzzled. Mr. Asahina commented that the excuse might work for high school or university but it's useless when one enters the society. Yamato apologized and said that he would take note of it. Mr Asahina then said that he had leave for work. Yamato said that he would come earlier tomorrow. Mr. Asahina asked him not to come. Yamato tried to plead. Mr. Asahina told Yamato that he did not need to apologize anymore. Yamato was stunned but asked if he was forgiven. Mr. Asahina replied yes. Happily, Yamato thanked Mr. Asahina. However, Mr Asahina told Yamato that they were still teenagers and they should put their studies as priority as they're entering university. He wanted them to go out like classmates. Yamato replied that he understood. Mr. Asahina then left for work. Yamato wondered why Mr. Asahina forgave him. Suzuka approached Yamato and Yamato happily told her that he was forgiven. Suzuka said that he heard it too. Suzuka thanked Yamato for making the visit. Suzune came out and commented that she was surprised that Yamato was forgiven so soon. She then remarked that it was good since Suzuka wouldn't need to run away from home. Yamato was puzzled and asked about it. Suzune explained that Suzuka threw a tantrum when her father moved her out, saying that she would run away from home. Suzuka pushed her sister inside calling her busybody. Suzuka then went inside to get something.

Later, they went to the cafe. Suzuka commented that she had to apologize to Yasonobu and Miki. Yamato told her that he had called them. He then remarked that he was relief. Suzuka agreed as her father had forgiven them. Yamato reliazed that they were overboard even though it was the last day of high school. They had cause troubles for many people. Yamato said that they should be more rational in future. Yamato then noticed that Suzuka's face burning read. He put his hand on Suzuka's forehead and remarked that she's still having a fever. He asked if she had gone to visit a doctor. She replied she didnt and she had cold tablets at home. Yamato remarked that it has been some time since the training camp. He wondered if there's a clinic nearby. Suzuka answered there's one near her house. Yamato suggested that he would accompany her to the doctor. Suzuka said it's no necessary as she dislike going to clinic. Suzuka tried to reject but Yamato insisted.

Yamato waited on a bench near the clinic. He grumbled that she was slow as it had been 2 hours Yamato reminisced on Mr. Asahina's remark that they were still teenagers and they should befriend like classmates. Yamato told himself not to panic as they can be together from now on. Suzuka approached Yamato and apologized that it took so long. Yamato asked if she can be cured immediately. Suzuka told Yamato that she was pregnant. Yamato was stunned. Suzuka added that it had been 3 months.

P/S: Yamato had an easy way with Suzuka's dad. But he'll have disaster once Mr.Asahina founf out Suzuka's pregnant. By the way, saw chapter 156 spoiler, nothing exciting except Yamato bumped into Arima.