Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ARIA Updates

A preview of the OVA DVD cover. The DVD will be available from Amazon JP on the 21st of Spetember 2007. The first edition cost ¥3938 and comes with many bonus. Bonus includes a booklet of 6 pages by Kozue Amano, animation supervision scene and data collection and postcards.
Updates: Preview to the story

Is this going to be the cover for ARIA volume 11??? I sure hope not.

In previous post, I mentioned about the ARIA Booklet 水星領航員公式領航手冊 by Tong Li. Now I reliazed what's the book going to be. It's the CH version of the ARIA Official Navigation guide. The original JP version was published in October 2005. I'll definitely be getting this one.

P/S: I have tentatively prepared the items for order at Yesasia. It'll comprise ARIA 10, Suzuka 15, Pastel 16, Cross Game 7 and Romeo x Juliet OP~Inori. I'll wait for the release of ARIA Official Navigation guide (July 4th). Shipping would cost US$19.93 (if the shipment unit for the guide is 1 ). Yes, I know it's absurd!


Suzuka 156 Unreasonable

Suzuka 156 無理 むり

Suzuka told Yamato that she's three months pregnant. She remarked that the doctor had initially thought it was just a cold. But he started to get suspicious through their conversation just now. Thus, the doctor asked Suzuka to take a test and found she's 3 months pregnant. Yamato was stunned. He asked if she's serious. Suzuka shyly replied yes. They then sat down and have a can of cofee. Suzuka commented that it would be better to have an abortion. Yamato was shocked and reacted by saying that it's not good for her health. Suzuka got agitated and asked what they should do then. Yamato tried to out-talk but back down. Suzuka apologized and said that she wanted to go home. She walked away but turned back asking if Yamato was free the the night after tomorrow. She asked if he wanted to go for new year visit (Hatsumode)together. Yamato agreed. Suzuka replied that she would go to Ayano residence and meet him up by then.

Back home, Yamato made a call to Yasonobu and told him that they have gotten Mr. Asahina's forgiveness. Yasonobu remarked it's good that they would be able to date with her parents permission. Yamato stuttered and Yasonobu asked if he has anymore problem. Yamato hesistated and replied that there's nothing else. Yamato also told Yasonobu that he had talked to Miki before calling him. After the call, Yamato said that he couldn't discuss the pregnancy matter with others. He then wondered what he should say the next time he meet Suzuka. He remembered what Suzuka had said about abortion. Yamato wondered if she would simply decide on it since it's an important matter. He also thought of what would happen of she decide to give birth. He then reliazed that it would mean marriage. Yamato remarked that Suzuk had been putting all her effort into training, studied abroad and decided on the university. Suzuka was more deserving and people have high expectation on her. Yamato felt guilty that everything might be spoiled because of his impulsiveness. He then wondered what he should do and what he should say. The handphone rang and Yamato received a call from kinugasa sempai.

Yamato arrived at the BBQ restaurant and met Kinugasa. He told Yamato that he's giving a treat and asked Yamato to sit down. Yamato asked what Kinugasa want to talk about. Kinugasa replied that it's about Yamato's future. Kinugasa remarked that he didn't feel any momentum from Yamato during the training camp. He wanted to lecture Yamato on that. He asked Yamato if he knew how much expectation people had on him. Kinugasa told Yamato to put in more effort. Then, Miyamoto arrived. He greeted Yamato and said that they have come to talk to him as well. Yamato was puzzled with "We". Miyamoto then asked Arima to sit down. Yamato was surprised and asked Miyamoto why Arima came as well. Miyamoto replied that he believed Arima would fire Yamato up. Arima explained that he came because Miyamoto said that he's giving a treat and sat beside Yamato. Miyamoto commented that both Yamato and Arima would be "collegues" in dash competition. Arima rebuked why he had to be collegue with Yamato. Yamato replied that he's not that great. Miyamoto and Kinugasa were worried with Yamato's reaction. They then asked everyone to eat.

After the meal, Arima and Yamato happened to go in the same direction. In his heart, Yamato said that even though they were going in the same direction, he was now alone with the person he hated most. Arima then spoke to Yamato. Although it had nothing to do with him, Yamato looked restless. He then sarcastically told Yamato that he had no chance of beating him and he might even had problem being selected for representation. Yamato replied to Arima that he could be right. Arima was surprised with Yamato's reply. He then asked Yamato what happen to him, what has happened. Yamato was silent.

P/S: Not too exciting this week. But Yamato and Suzuka are certainly worried with current predicament.Yamato 's feeling guilty on Suzuka's health and future.

Aside: Ladydarkmoon was gracious enough to offer the raws for 153,154, 155 and 156. So Suzuka fans should thank Alison for them. In addition, always support the mangaka and the series by buying the volumes when they are released, be it JP, CH or EN.

Thank you, Allison from Ladydarkmoon!!!