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Suzuka 156 Unreasonable

Suzuka 156 無理 むり

Suzuka told Yamato that she's three months pregnant. She remarked that the doctor had initially thought it was just a cold. But he started to get suspicious through their conversation just now. Thus, the doctor asked Suzuka to take a test and found she's 3 months pregnant. Yamato was stunned. He asked if she's serious. Suzuka shyly replied yes. They then sat down and have a can of cofee. Suzuka commented that it would be better to have an abortion. Yamato was shocked and reacted by saying that it's not good for her health. Suzuka got agitated and asked what they should do then. Yamato tried to out-talk but back down. Suzuka apologized and said that she wanted to go home. She walked away but turned back asking if Yamato was free the the night after tomorrow. She asked if he wanted to go for new year visit (Hatsumode)together. Yamato agreed. Suzuka replied that she would go to Ayano residence and meet him up by then.

Back home, Yamato made a call to Yasonobu and told him that they have gotten Mr. Asahina's forgiveness. Yasonobu remarked it's good that they would be able to date with her parents permission. Yamato stuttered and Yasonobu asked if he has anymore problem. Yamato hesistated and replied that there's nothing else. Yamato also told Yasonobu that he had talked to Miki before calling him. After the call, Yamato said that he couldn't discuss the pregnancy matter with others. He then wondered what he should say the next time he meet Suzuka. He remembered what Suzuka had said about abortion. Yamato wondered if she would simply decide on it since it's an important matter. He also thought of what would happen of she decide to give birth. He then reliazed that it would mean marriage. Yamato remarked that Suzuk had been putting all her effort into training, studied abroad and decided on the university. Suzuka was more deserving and people have high expectation on her. Yamato felt guilty that everything might be spoiled because of his impulsiveness. He then wondered what he should do and what he should say. The handphone rang and Yamato received a call from kinugasa sempai.

Yamato arrived at the BBQ restaurant and met Kinugasa. He told Yamato that he's giving a treat and asked Yamato to sit down. Yamato asked what Kinugasa want to talk about. Kinugasa replied that it's about Yamato's future. Kinugasa remarked that he didn't feel any momentum from Yamato during the training camp. He wanted to lecture Yamato on that. He asked Yamato if he knew how much expectation people had on him. Kinugasa told Yamato to put in more effort. Then, Miyamoto arrived. He greeted Yamato and said that they have come to talk to him as well. Yamato was puzzled with "We". Miyamoto then asked Arima to sit down. Yamato was surprised and asked Miyamoto why Arima came as well. Miyamoto replied that he believed Arima would fire Yamato up. Arima explained that he came because Miyamoto said that he's giving a treat and sat beside Yamato. Miyamoto commented that both Yamato and Arima would be "collegues" in dash competition. Arima rebuked why he had to be collegue with Yamato. Yamato replied that he's not that great. Miyamoto and Kinugasa were worried with Yamato's reaction. They then asked everyone to eat.

After the meal, Arima and Yamato happened to go in the same direction. In his heart, Yamato said that even though they were going in the same direction, he was now alone with the person he hated most. Arima then spoke to Yamato. Although it had nothing to do with him, Yamato looked restless. He then sarcastically told Yamato that he had no chance of beating him and he might even had problem being selected for representation. Yamato replied to Arima that he could be right. Arima was surprised with Yamato's reply. He then asked Yamato what happen to him, what has happened. Yamato was silent.

P/S: Not too exciting this week. But Yamato and Suzuka are certainly worried with current predicament.Yamato 's feeling guilty on Suzuka's health and future.

Aside: Ladydarkmoon was gracious enough to offer the raws for 153,154, 155 and 156. So Suzuka fans should thank Alison for them. In addition, always support the mangaka and the series by buying the volumes when they are released, be it JP, CH or EN.

Thank you, Allison from Ladydarkmoon!!!



At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it says temporary seperated so will she be going back to live and the bath house????

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

She might be since she had an argument with her dad as her dad prepared to move her out. But since it's holiday, she will be staying at her home residence for the timebeing. :)

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the raw is out, is anyone doing the translation? my japanese is still very crude! hahah!

ps: learning nihongo for the sake of suzuka! DIE HARD FAN!

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wana learn jap! wana read the raw!

miss reading the manga since the eng scanlations stop...

tnx FISHERMAN, im still up to date ^__^

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous dasea said...

they havent stopped, 154 was just released by Double 07. There was a lot of dispute over it being stolen from UC rumble by CU Blitz, then they stopped doing it. It took a while to be picked up and for Double 07 to get used to the format of translating, cleaning, etc. With the raw troubles illustrated on this board i would think it a miracle they;re this up to date.

On a suzuka note:
How long has it been since their first time anyway? can anying make an approximation by senery and climate or what-not? When she mentioned she gave her first time to Yamato she had a look that could have been her hiding something or just embarressment so i'm not sure.

At 4:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might not be His baby it might ne someone from the USA. She might have got her freak on.

At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She came back in September and it is now late December so there is no way it can be anyone but Yamato's unless she has been messing round since she returned but I highly doubt that.

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when will they show HONOKA!!!

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that he should do the right thing and talk with suzuka's parents alone. I don't see why he is just zoning out thinking about this. Any comments on how this will lead on?

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one thing i can say the story has definitely changed... no more young sweet lovers story with sports life on the side. Right now suzuka is like a totally different manga ever since the pregnancy thing... im still dont have clear idea how the story will go...

At 8:37 AM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

Suzuka could have the baby and Yamato could take care of it since he's already on the verge of leaving the track team and the only reason he started this sport was for Suzuka. It would make the manga touching to see the two still together and with a child, but would also ultimately ruin any plans Yamato would have in the future.

Not much is does with Yamatos family so maybe they could be brought into the story now and take care of the baby.

If Suzuka does have an abortion it may make things easier for the two since they wont have to tell anyone. But it may also distance themselves from each other greatly. Or even have an extremely negative effect on Suzuka emotionally and physically.

Both options are not out of the ordinary but I think something less subtle will happen. For example Suzuka will have a miscarriage or the doctor was wrong. In either case they should keep it hush hush till they come up with a rock solid plan. If Yamato just goes and talks to her parents about it and it turns out Suzuka wasn't preggos then her who family knows for sure that they had sex and will probably cause allot of problems.

At 7:25 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I dunno ... i doubt the pregnancy test was a mistake + its not a gd idea to hold out much longer.

Suzuka stated quite clearly that the clinic she went to was near her house, i.e. probably they would have recognised her. So the longer they leave it the greater the chance that her dad will hear it from someone else. (not to mention she's already 3 months pregnant)

Suzuka didn't say she wants abortion, she just suggest as a second option. There ARE only 2 options after all.

Personally i sincerely hope she doesn't go for abortion, I think that would destroy both yamato and suzuka, as well as their relationship.

As regards the baby not being Yamato's the only other possibility I can think of is that Amira, right before they came back from the U.S., but it's something i REALLY rather not think about. But if the baby is born blonde we'll know for sure haha ... no no it's def Yamato's, she said it was her first her time even.

And no she's not going back to the bathhouse, since she'll be moving to the dorms when school starts anyway. No point moving twice.

Whatever the case, I love this couple and this comic and i REALLY hope all goes well :')

however arguments are bound to crop up about the baby between themselves, their relatives, and maybe even friends. Even they keep the baby (fingers crossed), there'll prob. even be some squabbling over whose family gets to care for it.

Frankly i feel in this last episode that Yamato was summing things up, and concluded that if he or Suzuka were to quit their sports careers or/and education for the baby, Suzuka had a lot less to lose than himself. That, plus feeling guilty for bringing about the pregnancy. He's thinking if either of them have to put their life on hold to care for the baby it should be him.


ps.(sorry for the essay guys, needed to get it off my chest =P)

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i only say that yamato do his job as a father of a baby bec of the selfish mind of yamato....


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