Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Orange Princess

When I first saw this picture 2 weeks ago, I didnt take notice of the title.

I just read Navigation 55. I have no intention of blogging ARIA manga but this is a big news to ARIA fans. Last month I was having a short chat with Adun on ARIA and I made the comment:

"Probably end with Aika or Akari promoting to an undine and Alice as single. A bit like the aria natural ending could also happen. The story wont be able to continue once Aika or Akari become an undine. It’ll be very hard to continue like that."

ARIA Navigation 55:
Alice graduated from high school. Athena brought Alice for a picnic and asked her to be the guide for the day. Reaching the hill, She found Akari, Aika and managers from Orange company. Athena asked Alice to sing as she learnt that Alice was not confident with singing. Alice, with Athena encouragment on the way, sang a wonderful song. Everyone awed and Athen told Alice that the company has been waiting for her to graduate from high school. Then Athena asked for Alice hand and she took off her right glove. Athena also told her that the undine panel has made a decision that has never made before and took off the LEFT GLOVES as well. With that Athena declared her "Orange Princess" and told Alice that she's a PRIMA UNDINE.

Still sceptical? Here's the proof. It's not because she was fired that Athena took both gloves.

Note 1: ARIA will be off for two issue (two months) and resume in September.
Note 2: In JP it was Twilight Princess but officially it's Orange Princess.

P/S: My first reaction is "What the...". My second reaction is "What a twist". I'm not sure if she has beaten Alicia record for being the youngest. But she definitely the first undine to be promoted from trainee to Prima undine. Now Akari and Aika become her junior. I dont think that Aika and Akari would be promoted in coming few issue but Aika should made it to Prima faster than Akari. And I still stick to my speculation that the series would probably end when Akari becoming a Prima undine.



At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Adun said...

That really is such a HUGE twist. However I don't think Alice has beaten Alicia's record of youngest Prima Undine, but to make a leap like that, WOW. I should really search for the scans.

Also you spelt Akari wrong.

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Cheesh. First I wrote Hild instead of Lind and now I mis-spelt Akari. What happen to my brain???

I think so too. Otherwise they would have said that. In addition, I dont think they want to destroy the legend of Alicia. Nevertheless, Alice became a legend as well.

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Kuonji said...

Damn. . . Never thought that Kozue is such a wonderful author #_# I thought it was only her art that is fantastic, but. . Her story too 0.0;

Omg. . I still can't believe it >.<

At 3:31 PM, Blogger Chingyi said...

i had the same reaction too when i first saw this...
the story is so simple but yet it warms up my heart every time i read it!

so wonderful!
congrats alice!!


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