Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Suzuka 153 Rupture

凉风 #153 断絶

Suzuka's father asked if Suzuka's inside the room. Yamato was shocked to see her father. On the way home, inside the train, Yamato talked to Yasonobu. Yamato apologized for not answering his call since the reception was pretty poor at the inn. Yasonobu asked how's Suzuka. Yamato replied that her father drove her home. Yamato remarked that it seemed that her father knew about their trip. Yasonobu told him that his father called Suzuka's handphone but nobody asnwered. He then called Ayano san and she told him that Suzuka had gone home. Yasonobu also told him that he ran into Ayano san. Ayano san would have thought that Suzuka and Yamato had gone on a trip instead. Suzuka's dad got fired up and called Miki. Yasonobu prevented he knew nothing but Miki told Suzuka's dad everything. Yamato remarked he had caused trouble to them. Yasonobu answered that they should be apologizing instead. He told Yamato to call Miki as she was very worried. Yamato reminisced the moment Suzuka was ordered home by her dad. Yamato wondered if she would be fine and whether she would be scolded. Yamato did apologized to her dad saying that it was him who hide the trip from them. Suzuka's dad ignored him and told Suzuka to leave. Yamato would rather being scolded together by her father.

Back home, Ayano san gave Yamato a lecture. She said that she had disagreed before. Miho was hiding behind the door and tried to calm her mum. Ayano san told her not to interrupt. Yamato thanked MIho and told her that he's fine. Miho took her cat and left. Ayano san remarked that she had felt funny that Yamato went to skiing so suddenly. She added that Yamato even dragged his friends into lying. She asked him if he knew how worried Suzuka' parents were. She continued that they were still high school student and what if something happened to them. Yamato apologized. Ayano san decided to rest the matter. She said that it's good nothing happened to them. She added that she was the only one who knew and it'll be fine after scolding them. She told him that Yamato's father called yesterday and Yamato shouldn't hide it from her. Ayano san told Yamato to visit Suzuka's family and apologized these few days. Her dad had mentioned that she would be at home these days. Yamato agreed. Back in his room, Yamato called Suzuka but he couldn't get through. He wondered if her handphone was confisticated. Yamato called her home phone and Mr. Asahina picked the call. Yamato told him his name but he was interrupt with Mr. Asahina saying that he's busy and he's hanging up. Yamato was worried. He looked at the calendar and thought of talking to Suzuka when she would be attending the university training on the 25th.

The next day, Kinugasa sempai told Yamato that Suzuka wont be present for the practice. Mr Asahina called saying that Suzuka's not feeling well. Kinugasa remarked that they were dating and why didn't he asked her. He told Yamato not to worry as it's not something serious. At night, Yamato checked his inbox and there was no message. He still couldn't contact her. He was interrupt by Kinugasa who shared the same room. Yamato couldn't sleep and thought of what Ayano had said. He wondered if he had cause a consequence worse that he had thought of.

After the training camp, Yamato was walking home. He was not able to reach Suzuka at all and wondered if it was that serious. He then thought of visiting Suzuka. Upon reaching home, he saw a removal truck. He wondered if someone's moving in. He approached Ayano san asking if there's new tenant. Miho told her mum to prevent the moving but she told Miho stop with her nonsense. Yamato asked if something had happend. Ayano san sadly told Yamato that her father called yesterday wanting Suzuka's to move out from the room. Yamato was stunned.



At 6:10 PM, Anonymous alvanson said...

too bad, but i think keeping them separated will only make them long for each other more.

wonder how suzuka's dad caught them or knew where they were.


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will get interesting. Seems there will be a forced breakup by her dad, only can hope that Yamato will have the guts to confront her dad.

But me guess is that it will take 5 chapters before it will go the right way again.

Prediction: Kimi will lose her friendship with some people. Maybe forgiven in the end.
Possible that Suzuka will be transferring to another school (private one).
The sister of Suzuka might help Yamato in a way.

At 2:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn you Miki!!! I bet Miki did it because she wants Yamato all to her self lol.

This is getting good now. I wonder how Suzuka is feeling since this chapter is basically revolving around Yamato

At 2:11 AM, Blogger hashihime said...

Miki was wrong to tell. She should have said: "I'm sorry, sir, I don't know" or "'s not my place to give such information." Nor should she have known which hotel they were at.

Yasunobu is also to blame. He should not have answered his phone directly while he was supposed to be off skiing. He should have only answered calls from people he knew, or taken a message.

At 6:53 AM, Blogger Max said...

"damn you Miki!!! I bet Miki did it because she wants Yamato all to her self lol."

lol @ the person who wrote this... hahaha


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