Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mission Completed

Oh Yeah.... Complete the PLUS (mission) mode for Gundam SEED Destiny Zaft Vs Alliance Final Plus II.

Last night I finished the last 7 Faith mission. I was hoping for more missions other than the Faith mission. Main Gundams which I have mostly used are Gundam Destiny and Gundam Blast Impulse. I learnt that Blast Impulse is able to charge the blaster (courtesy of Joney_and_cleaver) from animesuki forum. It reallt makes my life a lot easier with the charge shot. I got familiar with Gundam Destiny and use it when I have to attack with speed.

I hate the life pod rescue mission most, especially the one that I had to collect 30 life pods within a certain span of time. The 9th Faith mission is also a pain. You have to destroy Minerva and protect Archangel from nukes at the same time. I tried several strategies and wasted a lot of time in the mission. I finally figured out that I had to approach the nukes, destroying them as soon as possible. Also, make sure you destroy windam, they can release several nukes. Apparently, it was shown on Youtube that Gundam Legend is suitable for this mission. Legend can just stand on top of minerva, activate its dragoon system and use its charge shot. Though I used Blast Impulse.

Another rescue mission which I hated is collecting rescue pods over the towers. I found Justice to be a good choice after trying the others. I observed Justice's speed is faster, resulting the boost gauge depleting slower than the others. One trick is to do it in a clock-wise/anti-clock-wise manner. you'll waste less time that way.

The most enjoying mission was the Faith mission that I need to use Stargazer. When I first played the mission, I released the nuclear flash mine but didn't know how to detonate it. I tried the mission with its other crap attack and failed miserably. Then, I learnt from online that they were flash mines and needed to be detonate. Once, I figured out the detonation button. Man, it was the best game play in PLUS mode. Set the mine anywhere, up on the air or on the ground and KABOOM!!!

I also started the Archade mode and finished 2 routes with Blast Impulse. I learnt a funny trick; "Rise up, charge the gauge and release the charge shot." Apparently it works very well, Blast Impulse shot the enemy and I can sway the blast shot left/right. I found it very amusing as well, like Blast Impulse's having a toilet session (You know what I mean).

The most time wasted: Faith 9th mission (Destroy minerva while protecting from nukes)
The most outstanding Gundam: Blast Impulse (For me)
The most enjoying Gundam: Stargazer (Kaboom!!!!)
The most hated mission: Faith mission (Collecting 30 rescue pods)
The hardest battle: Mission with Strike Freedom and Akatsuki as enemy

MG Strike Freedom assembly timeline:
17/05: Head and interior chest completed. [3 hours]
23/05: Exterior chest, right arm + hand + shoulder, left arm (60%) [3 hours]
27/05: Left arm + shoulder + hand, Leg completed. One leg (60%) [2.5 hours]
29/05: Legs, Waist completed. Assembled the main body of Gundam. [3 hours]
What's left: Dragoon system, Wings, Ammunition and stand.



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