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Suzuka 154 Apology

凉风 #154 謝罪 しゃざい

Yamato was having dinner with Ayano san and Miho. Ayano san asked if he wanted any refill since he has pratised hard in the training camp. Yamato replied that he has enough. Both Ayano san understood his reaction. back in his room, Yamato was talking to Miki on the phone. Yamato told her not to worry and asked why she's crying. Miki was crying heavily saying that she didn't know things would turn out that way and it was because of her that Suzuka had to move. Yamato assured her that it wasn't her fault as he was the one who hid the matter from everyone. Miki again apologized. Yamato said that he would seek forgiveness from Suzuka's father. Miki asked how he;s going to do that since he couldn't get through him by phone. Yamato told her not to worry and he has done a lot of thinking. He thanked Miki for caring and told her that he would think of a way. Then, Yamato hung up the phone. Yamato realized that he has created a lot of trouble for Mikim Yasonobu and Ayano san. Yamato knew that he couldn't solve the problem by phone and there's only one choice left.

The next day, Yamato went to Asahina's residence. He assured himself that he would still be in one piece. But he wondered if he would be beaten by Mr. Asahina. Yamato told himself, there's no other way and pressed the door bell. Mr Asahina opened the door and Yamato was panic. He bowed his head apologizing for disturbing them, telling Mr. Asahina that he felt that he had to come and apologize. Mr Asahina told Yamato to return as he had nothing to talk to him. Yamato asked Mr. Asahina to wait. Yamato asked if Suzuka was fine as he heard that she was sick. Mr. Asahina, with his back facing Yamato, replied that she still have her cold but nothing serious. Yamato understood and replied that he would come again tomorrow. Mr Asahina remarked that he had work tomorrow and shut the door. Yamato quickly replied that eve that he would still wait. Yamato remarked that he would defintely not give up.

Suzuka looked out her window from first floor and saw Yamato leaving. As he was leaving, Yamato commented that it was very cold and was relieved that nothing serious with Suzuka's cold. From his back, someone called out his name. Suzuka called Yamato and asked him to wait. Yamato was surprised and Suzuka was relieved that she caught up. He asked if it's fine for her to came out and whether she would be scold. Suzuka replied that she didnt know. She got emotional and held Yamato's hand. Then she threw herself onto Yamato and hugged him. Suzuka thanked Yamato for coming. He asked if she was fine as she has a cold. Suzuka replied that there's nothing serious. Suzuka apologized that she couldn't return to Ayano residence (旭湯). Yamato answered there's no choice. Yamato wondered if it was fine for her to come out and meet him. He asked whether her dad had said anything when she came out. Suzuka told Yamato that she slipped out. Yamato said that she shouldn't do that. Suzuka commented, "But.." He added that she had not recovered from her cold and it's better for herto stay at home. Suzuka commented, "But..." Yamato then told her that he should be going. Suzuka grabbed his hand and plead that Yamato accompanied her for a little while more.

At night, Mr. Asahina walked down the stairs and heard his family conversation. Suzuka, Suzune and Mrs. Asahina were talking in the living room. Suzune commented that it was good that Suzuka finally has the chance to talk to Yamato. Mrs. Asahina commented that her dad would be angry if he knew about it. Suzuka commented that it seemed that he hasn't discovered. Mr. Asahina got angry with Suzuka's stubborness. Suzuka told her mother and sister that she wanted to talk to Yamato a bit longer but he left immediately. Yamato even told her that he wouldn't do anything that would disappoint her dad anymore. Mr. Asahina heard that. Suzune commented that he was an honest boy. Suzuka continued that Yamato had also said that he would apologize until he gain Mr. Asahina's forgiveness. Then they would be able to meet each other openly. Mrs. Asahina commented that Yamato was indeed a good boy but her dad won't forgive Yamato so easily. Mr. Asahina made a phone call with his handphone, saying that he would be late for his meeting tomorrow.

P/S: Kouji is brilliant, one chapter and Yamato managed to win Suzuka's dad's heart. Hope to see that Yamato and Suzuka's dad have a scene/conversation next week. Who knows, maybe a coffee or even a dinner :)



At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Static said...

wow the summary brought a smile to my face, nice to see Yamato doing things the right way, and Suzuka showing some sort of longing to see him again with the hug...great chapter by the sounds of things, be nice if we have the raws coming still, but im sure it will come at some point

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job, Yamato-Kun.

Kouji has done it again, just when I thought things were going down the drain, he shines light upon it. Yamato-Kun has grown from just a irresponsible boy to quite a gentleman. Not bad.

Quote Kobayashi: "Good luck, Rookie."

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we ever get that 151 raw?

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous randomgirl said...

Yamato-kun has finally did something that didn't result in him leaving a too bad impression on others.

Too bad he sort of pissed of Suzuka's dad in the first place, at least it looks like he is earning points in his books now... XD

At 8:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing torrents finally for chapters
151, 153,and 154. All in chinese
Yamato is taking responsibility. His
character and his love is moving
forward. Hurrah


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