Friday, June 29, 2007

Tong Li Release

Yes, Tong Li have just released Suzuka 15, ARIA 10 and Pastel 16 CH manga. Hurray. I wasn't expecting ARIA 10 to be released so soon because the gaps between JP and CH release are usually 5 or 8 months. Maybe because ARIA manga is getting more popular nowadays. Popular manga such as Pastel and Suzuka CH are released usually 2 or 3 months after JP release. For even more popular manga such as Adachi Mitsuru's Cross Game, Jonesky release the CH version 1 or 2 months after the JP release. I should be placing an order soon once they are all available for order on Yesasia, which should comprise ARIA 10, Suzuka 15, Pastel 16 and Cross Game 7.

By the way, Tong Li will also release an ARIA booklet (水星領航員公式領航手冊) in June. Literal translation of the book is "ARIA official undine booklet". I have no idea if it's just a CH version of JP release or not. Nevertheless, I have asked Yesasia to source it as well.



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