Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 17: Yamamoto and Bessho having a chat in the classroom. Ayumi and Koyoi tried to make hand-made chcolate for Mamoru and Bessho respectively. Later Yamamoto passed by a chocolate shop and looked at the chocolate for Valentine's Day. Next week should be Valentine's chapter???
Tsubasa 181: Syaoran, Kuro and Yui were surprised to learn that the price for their travel has been paid by Watanuki. Watanuki has sacrificed his memory and parents name for their sake. Fei Wong is in Clow Country. Both Yuuko and Fei were aware of each other's location. Kyle asked Fei about Sakura's real body and Fei said it disintegrated after the cloning. Mokona was crying for the lost of Sakura. (Darn.. So Sakura soul need C.Sakura's body then.. no wonder Yuuko had asked which Sakura. Both are important now! ).
Cross Game 112: Yuhei Azuma asked Aoba if she has ever given anyone Valentine's chocolate. Aoba said she never. Aoba mentioned that Yuhei received a lot of from last year and asked if there wasnt any that he's interested. Yuhei replied that he would consider if she was someone like Aoba. Did Yuhei confess to Aoba suddenly???
Prince of Tennis 375: Ryoma lost his senses as time prolonged. He even lost his hearing by the end of chapter. What's Yukino doing to him???
Air Gear 192: Agito, Akito and a new personality?????

Received the MG Destiny Extreme Burst and my bro's nearly done with the assembling. I have order 3 fin tip panel marker and 1 soft tip marker from HLJ. Hope they will ship them next week. Amazon has shipped my AMG Novel by Yumi Tohma. Hope to received it next week.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ARIA Update

Navigation 59 未来 sure is good...

After Alicia congratulated Akari for passing the Prima examination, she told Akari about her retirement and wedding. Later, the news spread and Aika and Alice came to ARIA company. They asked Akari if Alicia was going to retire because of marriage. Akari replied yes and Akatsuki called to asked about that as well. Akari told Aika and Alice that the Gondola association has long offered Alicia a position. They need an experienced undine for the job to make the undine foundation more solid and prosper. However, no matter how great was Alicia, it was impossible to take on two role at the same time. Thus retiring as undine for marrige was something she had long decided. Aika and Alice asked Akari if she was ok emotionally.Akari put on smiles and said she would be fine.

For the next few days, they were busy but both kept their smiles to each other. One day, Akari couldnt understand the number in a document but she couldnt find Alicia. Alicia was out at the compound thanking her supporters for the farewell bouquet. Alicia went back ARIA company and found Akari in tears. Akari then couldnt hold herself and cried. Alicia went over and hugged her. Alicia then told Akari that she has the capability of a Prima Undine long time ago. But Alicia felt that she could continue as her mentor as long as Akari's still a Single. Alicia has also consulted grandma and has several time wanted to hold the examination. However, she would delayed again and again so that she could stay longer with Akari. She was fraid to lose the wonderful moment with Akari. Alicia apologized to Akari. Akari then told Alicia that she understood that all the things that had happened were blissful.
But she felt insecure and scared. She continued that it could be somewhere in her heart that wanted to everything to stay the same and that's why she wanted everything to stop there. However, she said that because she didnt stop and came to Aqua and met Alicia and the other so this time she would also continue to move forward in ehr life. She then told Alicia that when Alicia decided to retire as undine, Alicia has decided to seek a better future as well. Thus Akari would use her smile to send her to the turning point and she would continue to put on her smile until the moment arrived. Alicia smiled back and thanked her.

P/S: Ever since V4, I had thought and wished to see Alicia getting married. It wasn't really a speculation but I had hope for... and I getting it. Though I didnt expect that Alicia had to retire that soon. Luckily Akari has ARIA sachou at least.
Anyway.. the last navigation chapter Navigation 60 are bound to be precious. I'm speculating Ai chan will join ARIA company.

Aside: Animedia DVD Magazine V11 featuring Akari & Alicia. Available at animepaper.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MG ZGMF X42S Gundam Destiny Extreme Blast

I never knew that I would have this but thanks to my brother, we both have the awesome MG ZGMF X42S Gundam Destiny Extreme Blast.

My brother was awed by the wing effects and he decided to get it and one for me as well. I didnt realize that a lot of the parts were silver colour. My brother had known it as he read the comparison on Dalong. So it's the same as Strike Freedom Full Burst, only that in Destiny you get silver (Chrome) instead of gold.

The chrome plating parts. Similiar concept to the Strike Freedom Full Burst golden parts. Alternatively, one can get (should get in fact) a can of silver/chrome spray for these parts.

The wings of light. Probably the main and sole reason of getting the Exterme Blast edition. it's acutally pink colour, photo turn out red. :P

The 1/20 bonus figures of Shin Asuka and Kira Yamato. It's made of soft plastic. Nice to look but still, no colour. :P

P/S: There are extra weapons for the Extreme Blast version such as the palm energy blast and boomerang effects. There are also gold colour decals.

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ARIA Origination 4

Episode 4:第4話「その 明日を目指すものたちは…」

Early morning, Akari and Aria sachou prepared for the opening of ARIA company. Guest came and Akari served them tea while waiting for Alicia. Alicia came and took the guest to tour leaving Akari at the company. Akari had a look at Alicia's busy schedule.

That night, Akari was having tea with Alicia and she seemed gloomy. Alicia noticed and asked her. Akari told Alicia that she wanted to help Alicia. Alicia replied that Akari had been a great help already. Akari responded that she wanted to help more but she knew she couldn't do much as a single undine. Alicia asked about her schedule and Akari replied that the practice would be off the next day since Aika and Alice had their own matters. Alicia then suggested Akari to participate in the Traghetto.

Note: Traghetto is the only rowing job which single undine can participate in. Think of it as a ferry or bus to cross from a waterfront to another.

The next day, Akari went to Traghetto S Sofia station. Many single undine gathered at the station and the undine-in-charge read out the group allocation. Akari was day-dreaming and her team members had to awake her. They introduced themselves; Atora from Orange Planet, Ayumi from Himeya and Anzu from Orange Planet. Akari was nervous and Atora offered a sweet to calm her. Atora suggested that they would took the first few rotation since Akari had never done it before.

Anzu and Ayumi took the first rotation, leaving Atora talking with Akari. Atora told Akari about Anzu's moody appearance due to her failure in the Prima examination recently. Atora said that she also fail the examination. Akari asked about the Prima examination. Atoru remarked that it was extremely ahrd and they had a strict Prima undine invigilating them.

Atora and Anzu took the second rotation. Ayumi exclaimed her preference and interest as a traghetto undine. The third rotation left Akari with Anzu. Anzu broke the silence and told Akari that she failed in her Prima examination. Akari also told Anzu her fear of not being up to a Prima's expectation but she remarked that she would strive for it. Akari and Anzu then took the fourth rotation. Anzu told Akari that she would help her and asked her not to worry. Akari set off and the three single undines were surprise with her balance and skill. The four young undines served the passenger for the whole day.

As the day dawned, they stopped the service and proceeded to clean the gondola while Anzu went to submit the earnings. Ayumi saw Akari looking at them and asked her about it. Akari replied that they took good care of the gondola and were happy of it. Ayumi then compliment Akari's skill and commented taht Akari would be a Prima soon. Anzu heard that and she got a bit emotional. Atora remarked that they failed because the examiner was too strict and she felt that she would not be able to meet her expectation. She commented that it was also a good choice to stay with Ayumi and serve in Traghetto service. Ayumi then told Atora that they were different. She remarked that Atora really wanted to be a Prima undine which was different from her. Atora felt sad and depressed. Anzu stood up and told them her pain of failing the examination. However, she told them that she would continue to take the examination until she obtained Prima status. Akari interrupted before Atora can make her feelings known. Akari told them that it would never be too late to take another start in the challenge. Anzu, Ayumi and Akari smiled at Atora and this gave Atora the encouragement she needed. They then went home and Akari went back to ARIA company telling Alicia of her Traghetto experience.

Next week will be on Navigation 51, The three-leaves clover, focusing on Aika and Akira. How the small Aika cheered up Akira when she was last to be Prima among the 3 fairies.

P/S: I have always like this chapter where Akari met new undines. Finally ARIA The Origination is starting to animate the chapters in manga. Higher chance for a finale this season. ^^

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