Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 17: Yamamoto and Bessho having a chat in the classroom. Ayumi and Koyoi tried to make hand-made chcolate for Mamoru and Bessho respectively. Later Yamamoto passed by a chocolate shop and looked at the chocolate for Valentine's Day. Next week should be Valentine's chapter???
Tsubasa 181: Syaoran, Kuro and Yui were surprised to learn that the price for their travel has been paid by Watanuki. Watanuki has sacrificed his memory and parents name for their sake. Fei Wong is in Clow Country. Both Yuuko and Fei were aware of each other's location. Kyle asked Fei about Sakura's real body and Fei said it disintegrated after the cloning. Mokona was crying for the lost of Sakura. (Darn.. So Sakura soul need C.Sakura's body then.. no wonder Yuuko had asked which Sakura. Both are important now! ).
Cross Game 112: Yuhei Azuma asked Aoba if she has ever given anyone Valentine's chocolate. Aoba said she never. Aoba mentioned that Yuhei received a lot of from last year and asked if there wasnt any that he's interested. Yuhei replied that he would consider if she was someone like Aoba. Did Yuhei confess to Aoba suddenly???
Prince of Tennis 375: Ryoma lost his senses as time prolonged. He even lost his hearing by the end of chapter. What's Yukino doing to him???
Air Gear 192: Agito, Akito and a new personality?????

Received the MG Destiny Extreme Burst and my bro's nearly done with the assembling. I have order 3 fin tip panel marker and 1 soft tip marker from HLJ. Hope they will ship them next week. Amazon has shipped my AMG Novel by Yumi Tohma. Hope to received it next week.



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