Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 16: A chapter on Meguru. Takei tried hard to form the swimming club and need another recruit. At the end, Meguru saw Takei's passion and joined as the club manager.
Tsubasa 180: C.Sakura knew she was a clone in Tokyo so she distanced herself from Syaoran. Yui knew about it since beginning. disappeared. Syaoran wanted to save Sakura and Yuko asked which one. Syaoran replied both and both Yui and Kuro would go with him. Yuko required payment again (greedy witch ^^). As I said in a forum, we're back to the square 1.
Cross Game 111: Aoba had cold and the baseball team told Koh to visit her. He found her shoveling the snow and she replied that she has recovered but her whole family had fallen sick. Inside Aoba house, Koh was shown a picture of Akane winning the baseball poster competition. Koh told Aoba that it was her instead of him taht Akane had drawn. Chapter ended with them arguing.
Prince of Tennis 374: Ryoma predicted 5 balls to end the round. A flashback of Yukino's condition at hospital. Ryoma smashed the fifth ball but it went awry. He fell to the ground and was nose-bleeding. Sanada remarked that Yukino's tennis has begun. (Suspense but I felt cheated of another week!)
Air Gear 191: Agito Vs Orca. Orca got a hostage.

How long do they need to get ARIA V11 up for order at bookcafe??? My brother's getting too excited for his MG Destiny Extreme Burst, should arrive next week. Remember the AMG Novel by Yumi Tohma. There's an English version released in December last year. I have placed an order with Amazon. My shipping cost around the same price, bloody shipping. Also available from AJ but not worth it since more expensive and only express shipping.
Update: Amazon is sure fast. I placed the order yesterday and it was shipped this morning. Very efficient, great!



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