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ARIA Origination 3

Episode 3:第3話「その こめられた想いを…」

Akari and Alicia were cooking the breakfast. Alicia complimented Akari's omelette. Akari later brought the breakfast to the table and saw Aria sachou readin the newspaper unlike its usual self. Aria sachou showed Akari the news of an architecture which will be moved from the earth next week. The architecture was the Circa Ca' d'Oro or usually know as the golden house.

Akari and Alice went to Himeya to study with Aika. Alice remarked that she had also heard the news on rellocation of Ca' d'oro. They then mentioned other achitecture that have been relocated to Neo-Venezia such as the Teatro La Fenice, Galleria dell'Accademia, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute and Cafe Florian of St. Mark Square. Alice complimented the paintings inside cafe Florian and Akari said that she wanted to have a look. This surprised Aika and Alice since Akari was friendly with the owner but she hasn't been inside the cafe. Aika the suggested of going for tea at Cafe Florian. Aria sachou fainted due to dizziness by looking a the ceiling fan.

On the way, they saw paintings on the building done by the students from the arts college. Alice saw a group of children lining up in front of a stall. They went over and saw a young man selling love-shaped chocolates were placed in bottle and wrapped with beautiful decor. Aika commented that the young man was a patisserie from Appresso restaurant. Aika then remarked that kouhai-chan (Alice) must also like to have it since she still a kid. Alice rebuked that it was Aika who has a kiddy heart and body who really wanted it. A little boy bought the chocolates but he tripped and fell. The chocolates dropped the bottle onto the ground and it shattered. The boy cried and the undines ran over. Akari wanted to picked up the chocolates but the patisserie stopped her. He said the glass pieces were dangerous and he gave a new bottle of chocolates to the boy. Akari commented that it's such a pity that the chocolates ended like that. Akari later got two, one for herself and one for Ai-chan. They then went to cafe florian and had latte. Akari looked at the surrounding, enjoying the paintings and the music. The owner came and had a short chat with them. On the way home, they saw that the patisserie had left.

One day, during their practice, they passed by the Ca' d' oro building and Aika commented that it would be completed later in the day. Akari saw the patisserie staring at the building and left. Alice remarked that she had not seen him selling chocolates since two days before. Aika added that the patisserie was also staring at another building the day before. That night, Akari enjoyed the chocolates with Aria sachou.

The next day, Akari was on the gondola with Alicia and tourist. She was about to take a photo of the tourist with Alicia and saw the patisserie while focusing. The patisserie looked stressed. After the tour, Alicia went off to a meeting with gondola association. Akari decided to go to St. Mark square. She saw the patisserie entered Cafe Florian and followed him. She heard him praising the paintings and later had a conversation with him. The patisserie invited her to meet him in the evening the next day.

The next day, Akari appeared as asked. The patisserie appeared with his stall and thanked Akari. He had a reflection of the incident and thought of better ways to make people happy. He had made the bottles of different shapes of the building in Neo-Venezia. He was stressed in thoughts when Akari saw him before. The patisserie asked Akari to choose two for Aria sachou and herself. Since there's still some time to opening, the patisserie invited Akari to have tea at cafe Florian. They met the owner and the owner told them that the paintings had been relocated to Neo-Venzia prior to the disapperance of Venice. Thus, those paintings have historical values. Akari had a thought and commented that architect reflected their thoughts in their buildings. She then told Anri that it was the same for him. She said that when Anri made the chocolates, it reflected his thoughts and thus people smiled. With that, Anri felt encouraged. The cafe owner offered to make special Florian cafe for them. After the tea, they met the little boy. The little boy said it has been as while since he saw Anri. Anri replied happily saying that he'd open right away. Akari commented that there's a new existence in Neo-Venezia, sweet and adorable chocolates.

Next week, episode 4 will cover manga chapter Navigation 48 on Traghetto.

Note: Akari called Anri by Mr. Patisserie throughout the episode until they had latte at Cafe Florian. Thus, I only used the name Anri in the last paragraph. There's no direct scene of introduction byt the way.

P/S: It was a hard task compiling the name of the venues in Venice. I hope you appreciate them. Anyway, I introduce the undines for next week, this will make next week summary reading easier for you all.

Next week Undines:

Atora (アトラ), Company: Orange Planet

Ayumi (あゆみ), Company: Himeya

Anzu (杏), Company: Orange Planet

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