Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 13: Kei and Kusuda went to have dinner. Things didn't go according to plan. They ended up in a park filled with snow and had snow fight. In the end, Kusuda gave her a present which is a santa maid dress. Kei apologized and said that she actually liked the pink gloves. Kusuda took it out and gave it to her.
Hatsukoi Limited 14: Koyoi spent 60 hours in game and defeated the final boss. She followed his brother Bessho to shrine for Hatsumode. Bessho got a near-auspicious omikuji while Koyoi got the opposite. On the way home, they met Yamamoto. Yamamoto commented that he had an adorable girlfriend but Bessho explained and said that he never had a girlfriend. Back home, Bessho cooked rice cake and had them with Koyoi. Koyoi told him that she will also like his brother in the new year.
Tsubasa 177: C.Syaoran couldn't lay his hand on Sakura so he went straight for Syaoran. He managed to get Sakura out of his way and grabbed the feather from Syaoran. Syaoran grabbed C.Syaoran's hand and aimed at him with his sword. Suspense!!!
Tennis 371: The final battle between Rikkai and SSeigaku has begun. Yukino managed to return the twist serve, drive A, cool drive and gained a point. However, Ryoma commented that Yukino's jacket has dropped onto the ground. Oh Yeah!!!
Tennis 372: Ryoma acivated Muga no Kyouchi and proceeded with shots such as Bing Bang, Shirashi's Bible, Kamikakushi, Super Ultra Great Delicious DaiShaRin Yama Arashi but all in vain. He then gathered the aura and focused on his hand. Not as exciting this week since it's about how Yukino nullified Ryoma's shots. No Genius for two weeks and I presume it's the battle of "Doors of the Muga no Kyouchi" by then.
ARIA 58: Wow.. didn't expected so fast but after hearing that there's only 3 chapters left, I have anticipated it. Aika and Akari both succeeded in attaining Prima status. Aika was known as Rozen Queen while Akari was bestowed with Aqua Marine. Aika was assigned the manager of new Himeya branch.

The AMG Fighting Wings Single has arrived (28th Dec). As for Christmas this year, I received several gifts but mostly chocolates.

P/S: I combined the manga summary of last week with this week.



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