Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 12: Kei was a bit concern with her argument with Kusuda earlier. On Christmas eve, Nao got sick and couldn't turn up. Terai left leaving Ayumi, Kei, Kusuda, and Mamoru. A santa claus suddently fainted and Mamoru carried him to the hospital. Ayumi followed him leaving behind Kei and Kusuda.
Tsubasa 176: Syaoran was hurt and the field that protected Sakura disappeared. She ran to hug Syaoran. C.Syaoran asked her to step aside. She refused and C.Syaoran stabbed her on her arm twice. C.Syaoran was about the slash her but his body refrained. Yoko then said that the heat remembered her eventhough the heart has forgotten.
Tennis 370: As expected, the Golden Pair won 7-5. Tooyama had one ball game with Yukimura. Tooyama failed miserably with Yukimura still had his jacket on. Ryoma regained his memory and off to meet Yukimura. Next week will be EXCITING!!! Though Takeshi Konomi will prolong the battle. Afterall, it's the Final Tournament!
Air Gear 188: Where's the furnace?
Cross Game 108: Akane encountered a youth who staged a rescue plot. Aoba saved her from the guy.

Received my ARIA calendar 2008 but I wasn't happy with the postman as my EMS order was thrown inside my car port. It could have easily been stolen! I think the AMG Tsubasa Tatakau OP ED single might arrive after Christmas with the busy schedule.



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