Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 10: Sogabe (曽我部), a friend of Kusada, liked Nao and he tried to create opportunity for Nao to confess to him. What a self-conceited guy
Tsubasa : No chapter this week. Next week Tsubasa 175.
Tennis 368: It was a large tree trunk but Ryoma and Mr. Echizen managed to hit and displaced it. The trunk caused a big splash and Ryoma fell into the river. Later, Mr Echizen found Ryoma having amnesia. Rikkai pair vs golden pair 2-1. All Ryoma's past opponents came to have a match and attempt to revive his memory.
Air Gear 186: Start to lose interest. Too messy and rubbish. This week more on Yatoi and Agito.
AMG 231 Chrono was asked by Peorth to deliver an item. She was dressed in a maid dress intended for delivery. She was a map-idiot and broke the item when she swayed from hitting a transmission grid tower. She dropped and was caught by Keiichi. Keiichi brought her back to his workplace and Belldandy exclaimed her name. P/S: Chrono was one of the Yggdrasil operators with Ere and Ex.

As I have mentioned, I have received the Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess figure and Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini this week. ARIA calendar 2008 should be released today.



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