Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 8: Misao Zaitu has been following Ayumi. He ended up beating Yuuji thiking she was in danger.
Tsubasa 173: Tsubasa's getting more exciting. The duel between Syaoran and Seishirou was interrupted by a black mass attempting to snatch the feather. Syaoran managed to hold onto it and was sent to the dream world. A hand appeared behind Sakura.... who's hand is that???? If you read xxxholics 146, you'll know. ^^
Tennis 366: Stick as racket and stone as tennis ball. Did Mr. Echizen caused Ryoma amnesia???
Cross Game 104: Akaishi and Aoba thought they saw the grown-up spirit of Wakaba. Later, the Tsukishima family was stunned to see Akane who looks like Wakaba.
Air Gear 185:


Received my order from Bookcafe. I didn't realize it was EMS and it's faster and cheaper than Yesasia's economy shipping. Real efficient! This is the largest manga order that I have placed, 27 mangas. The purchase comprises Suzuka V16 & V17, Pastel V17, Cross Game V9, Conan Digest 10+ & 20+ and Tsubasa Chronicle V1-20. I wanted to get Ichigo 100% V11 (since the one I have is TW version) but it has been out-of-stock since 2004 (Need to wait for reprints). I replaced it with Prince of Tennis 38 as I'm thinking of collecting it in near future.

Three HLJ orders on the way to my doorsteps; Final Fantasy Mini Trading Figures,, Suzuka guidebook and 3 clear Bandai action bases. Hope Suzuka guidenbook will arrive tomorrow....22 days



At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I finished watching Prince of Tennis anime, well until the last OVA that has come out. And know I would like to continue the manga from the point the anime has stopped from what chapter should I start with. THANKS!!!

At 11:15 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

anonymous: Hi, the recent OVA should reach the National tournament semifinals. The series is now on the final tournament and is rumoured that it'll end at chapter 369 (though I doubt it).

You should read the manga from the start, at least from the City tournament. You can learn the difference of Anime and Manga version. There're quite a number of difference.

But to answer ur question, the prelude to the National tournament is Genius 248 and tournament begin at Genius 251.


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