Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hatsukoi Limited 7: A chapter on Bessho and his sister Koyoi who has a serious brotherly fancy. She checked on Bessho who met out with Yamamoto but was relieved to learn nothing between them.
Tsubasa 172: Kendappa told Tomoyo to set a barrier so that Syaron could duel against Seishiro. Yui realized that Tomoyo had paid the price so that they would appear in Nihon after Celes.
Tennis 365: Golden pair's up for the double match. Momo thought of a way to revive Ryouma's memory.
Cross Game 103: After paying respect to Wakaba, Koh encountered the Wakaba look-alike girl in yukata.
Air Gear 184: Finally the match's over. What a waste of chapters!

1. Three orders on the way to my doorsteps; Final Fantasy Mini Trading Figures,, Suzuka guidebook and 3 clear Bandai action bases.
2. Place the ARIA the Origination Punit Figure Akari and Alice with Hobbysearch.
3. I've placed a pre-order at Play-asia with comprising just the Ah! My Goddess OP & ED single by Jyukai.
4. I've placed an order with bookcafe for 27 mangas comprising; Cross Game 9, Suzuka 16 & 17, Pastel 17, Conan SP 10+ & 20+, Ichigo 100% 17 and Tsubasa Chronicles 1-20. I had to use a visa card since I couldn't get through the transaction with both mastercards.

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