Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

My Final Fantasy Mini Trading Figures is now processed for shipping. It got discontinued the moment it was in stock. I don't have any problem of getting it because I have pre-ordered (early bird) very early. Currently two orders on the way to my doorstep; Suzuka guidebook and 3 clear Bandai action bases.

I'll change the shipping for AMG Belldandy Kotobukiya figure to EMS to avoid the incident with ARIA Solidworks collection and also to avoid the busy end-of-year peak postage.

I'll be getting the Ah! My Goddess OP & ED single by Jyukai together with the OP single for crescent love. Waiting for my new credit card before I place the order with Play-asia. The order will comprise Crescent Love OP and AMG new single.

I have 6 manga that I want to place order with Bookcafe but still wondering if I should get Tsubasa Chronicles manga 1-20. A large order would reduce the cost of each book from AUD $7.77 to $6.74 including shipping. But of course, I'll be spending over AUD$175 on 26 manga which is quite significant (insted of $47 for 6 mangas). I have also intended to get Prince of Tennis manga once it's finished, currently the CN's up to 38 volumes!

Hatsukoi Limited 5: Terai was weak in physical activities. His friends suggested to Dobashi in training him and she agreed. After slurring out that he rather be weak so that she could continue teaching him, she suggested of dating. Terai got third in track and gave the medal to her. She gave him a hug as consolation. However, the relastionship sort of hang on a cliff without a clear indication.
Hatsukoi Limited 6: Arihara told Bessho about his sister Ayumi and ended up arguing. Chikura suggested that they should check out each other's sister. Compared to Arihara, Bessho's sister, Koyoi is more fond of his brother. Later, Ayumi told Arihara that she's in love with Zaitsu. Arihara wanted to demonstrate something to Bessho and ended up sticking a chuppa chup into her mouth.
Tsubasa 171: Kendappa told Tomoyo to set a barrier so that Syaron could duel against Seishiro. Yui realized that Tomoyo had paid the price so that they would appear in Nihon after Celes.
Tennis 363: Fuji gained 6-5 against Niou who imitated Tezuka. Fuji remarked that Niou is far from Tezuka's level. Niou then changed his illusion to Shitenhouji’s Shiraishi who had beaten Fuji in the semi-final. Fuji countered by saying that he won't lose to an opponent twice.
Tennis 364: Fuji beated Niou 7-5 with his 6th counter, Hoshi Hanabi.
Cross Game 102: Koh pondered on the Wakaba look-alike girl. Aoba also saw the girl as she ran to meet her friends. Summer festival coming and eveyone felt uneasy possibly because it reminded them of Wakaba.

AMG 230: Welsper told Keiichi and Belldandy their real names. Belldandy commented that she still like him even then. The cue of goddess prompted Keiichi to remark the wish that he had made before. This cause an activation and their memory were restored. I wished this arc has never started, what a waste of time.
ARIA SP: A special chapter of the orange princess, Alice being lonely and couldn't find an excuse to see Akari and Aika. One night Aika and Akari appeared in her room eating banana. They came to eat the new pizza together with Alice. Alice told them about her schedule and how she couldn't think of any reason to meet together. Akari told her that she didn't need any reason since she is Alice. Alice got revived by Akari and Aika's companion.

P/S: Sent an email to HLJ last week regarding the MIA order;
With reference to the email and reply dated Thursday, 18 October 2007 4:20:13 AM, provided below. I was advised to wait 90 days before HLJ would take action for order 774212.

However, I have just received a second parcel from HLJ. The order with invoice 784928 was sent on the 5th Oct and I have received it on the 27th Oct, taking around 3 weeks. I have mentioned that it took around 3 weeks for order to reach me from past experience.

Now my order with invoice invoice 774212 is already more than 52 days and it does appear to be lost. Please advise what appropriate action would HLJ take in relation to this, instead of just asking me to wait till the full 90 days.

HLJ Response:
Thanks for writing.
We still have to ask you to wait the 90 days, as we do with all our customers. Because SAL goes space available, there's no way to predict in what order packages will arrive, and if it is on its way back to us for some reason, that will take longer.



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