Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Sorry for being away for so long, that's if you're still visiting the blog. :P I'm currently busy with assignment marking.

I have lost hope for my ARIA Solidwork collection, most likely MIA. I think I'll choose EMS next time for shipping my figures. My ARIA Alicia 1/8 figure and Suzuka guidebook have been shipped separately. Hope they will arrive safely.
Update: I really think it was divine intervention (secret). Just reached home and I received a post notice to collect a parcel. Is it the MIA parcel??? It's been 51 days .. could be... but I have another parcel sent 17 days ago. Could it be the second parcel from HLJ? The worst would be the replacement CD case from Yesasia, but that can be slipped into my mail box rather than require collection. Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow morning. Hope it's ARIA Solidwork collection!!!!!
Update2: It's not ARIA Solidwork collection. It's the 2nd order from HLJ, Alicia Florence 1/8 Goodsmile figure!!!!!!!! Am I suppose to be happy or sad???

Mood: Sad

Hatsukoi Limited 4: Kei nominated by her class as the cheerleader. Kusuda voluntered. In the end, the girls have to wear the male school uniform. I think I'm not going to write any thought or comment for this series. Boring, the only thing keeps me reading is the illustration.
Tsubasa 170: Cool, Syaoran against Seishiro next chapter!
Tennis 362: Fuji against Tezuka imitation, will the well-known Genius be able to beat "Tezuka". Match score 5-4(Fuji).
Cross Game 101: A new noodle house under construction beside Koh's house and a new girl who looked like Wakaba appeared.

Last week:
Hatsukoi Limited 3: Uemura has aspired to be a mangaka and Yuu agreed to help him. However, he met a lot of competition in drawing Yuu's attention.
Tsubasa 169: Kurogane received a mechanical arm. Yui paid a price with his blue eye magic that possess magic power. Now it became gold.
Cross Game 100: No, he wasn't able to and they lost the game. Aoba asked Ichiyo how would Wakaba react if she was there.
Air Gear 180: Kururu and Tool Toul To members activated the Pledge Regalia. Something suspicious about Hako again.
Tennis 361: We get to know that Tezuka lost to Fuji when they played during childhood. Fuji is in lead over Niou imitation. Graham approached Setsuna.

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At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Adun said...

MIA?? Damn, I've never had that happen to me. Hope they come soon.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

It never happen to me before as well. That's why I'm so sad!!!! Out of stock in many places and AJ dont ship figures overseas.

It hurts!!!!


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