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Suzuka 166 Suzuka

Suzuka 166 涼風 すずか


Cover page: Suzuka in her wedding gown with caption "I may be hopeless, but I love you with all my heart. I love you now and forever. "

It was Yamato and Suzuka's wedding day. Mrs Akitsuki told Yamato to tighten his tie. Yasonobu remarked that he couldn't believe that Yamato and Suzuka have been registered for a year. He commented that Yamato must have work very hard in saving the money for the wedding. Yamato replied that they couldn't afford a wedding reception but he wanted Suzuka to experience the wedding at least. Suzuka came into the waiting room in her wedding gown and Yamato was stunned. Everybody commented that Suzuka looked beautiful. Suzuka thanked them. Miki remarked that Yamato could have fallen in love with her again. Yamato agreed. Yasonobu teased Yamato that he had matured since he was able to express such embarassing word without hesitation.

Mrs. Akitsuki came in holding Fuuka and told them that it's almost the time for the ceremony. The baby Fuuka was crying and Yamato went to carry her. Yamato apologized saying that Fuuka must be heavy and his mother had to carry her. Mrs. Akitsuki replied that Fuuka was just scared because there were so many people whom she was not familiar with. Yasonobu saw the baby and asked what her name. They replied that it's Fuuka 風夏(ふうか), made up of the kanji summer and breeze. Miki teased that it was good that she looked like Suzuka instead of Yamato. Yamato rebuked by saying that Fuuka eyes lokked like his. Suzuka commented that Yamato had hoped for a boy initially but he was always by her side ever since she was born. Miki called it loving idiot. Yamato replied that he had to protect Fuuka and make sure that she felt safe. Miki commented that Fuuka was really cute and she also wanted to have a baby. Yasonobu teased asking Miki if he can be of any help. Miki remarked that Yasonobu has not changed at all unlike Yamato.

Mr. Asahina came in and asked them hurry up. He saw Fuuka and asked Yamato to follow him as he has something to talk to Yamato. Yamato told Suzuka to go first and he'd follow soon. They went outside and Yamato asked Mr. Asahina what he wanted to talk about. Mr. Asahina complimented him by saying that he had done well. Mr. Asahina continued that Yamato had been working very hard. He had excepted Yamato to come to him pleading for help but Yamato didn't. Yamato apologized. Mr. Asahina asked why Yamato apologized. Yamato replied that he thought he understood Mr. Asahina's feeling as a father a year ago. But after having a baby of his own, he realized that Fuuka was so precious to him and he fully understood Mr. Asahina's hopes for Suzuka and how hard it must have been because of him. Mr. Asahina replied that he was looking forward to Suzuka's future and expected a lot from her. He then added that he really wanted to punch the 18 year old kid who stole his daugther and the hopes that accompanied her. Yamato was bit stunned. Mr. Asahina continued that it might be because of his ego as a parent. He said that it was something Suzuka has decided and accepted. He did not want to interfere and he wished her to be happy whatever she had chosen. Mr. Asahina then told Yamato that Yamato had fulfilled Suzuka's wish. He added that he can see that from Suzuka's expression and he wanted to thank Yamato for it. Mr. Asahina smiled and told Yamato that he could entrust Suzuka to him. Yamato nodded as a token of gratitude. Mr. Asahina patted on him and told him to be confident as Suzuka will be watching him. He told Yamato to take care of Suzuka and Fuuka. Yamato replied that he will do his best.

Outside the church, accompanied by her dad, Suzuka asked Mr. Asahina about his conversation with Yamato. She commented that Yamato looked tense. Mr. Asahina replied that it was just a talk between two man and asked her not to be concerned. Suzuka wondered what they have been talking about. The church door opened and Suzuka was led into the church by her father. The wedding took place and Yamato placed the ring onto Suzuka's finger. Yamato and Suzuka kissed. Later, they came out of the church and Suzuka threw the bouquet. Honoka caught the bouquet. Yasonobu remarked that Honoka's would be next and told her to invite him. Yui said she's jealous and asked Honoka to invite her too. Miho heard it and said that she wanted as well.

Standing beside Yamato, Suzuka thanked Yamato. Yamato was puzzled. Suzuka said that she was still her oldself and had been selfish as well as causing so many problems for Yamato. Yet Yamato had never gave up on her and courted her. Thus, she was very happy. Yamato smiled and asked why she's saying that. Suzuka told Yamato that it's her turn to chase after him. Yamato was clueless. Suzuka explained that she couldn't live without him. Yamato was stunned and asked why she said that out of sudden. Suzuka replied that she just thought and felt that way at the time. They were interrupted and asked to take photographs. Ayano san took a picture of Yamato and Suzuka with their friends; Kinugasa, Miyamoto, Saki, Honoka, Yui, Yasonobu, Miki, Tsuyoshi, Miho and Kobayakawa.

The following day, back at home, Suzuka told Yamato to stop watching the television and leave for work. Yamato apologized and told her about Arima and Kobayakawa who appeared on the news as representatives of Japan in the 100m and 200m events. Suzuka adjusted Yamato's tie and told him that he need to focus more on his work. She asked Kinugasa sempai would scold him again if he lost his focus. Kinugasa sempai has also conveyed that he's waiting for Yamato to participate in the next competition. Yamato took his bag and bid farewell by saying Suzu..suzuka. Suzuka held Fuuka and teased him for being shy when calling her Suzuka (Yamato has always called her Asahina). She used Fuuka to tease Yamato and called him a strange papa.

Yamato was silent for a moment and Suzuka asked about it. Yamato asked Suzuka if she wont give her a goodbye kiss. Suzuka pinched Yamato's face. Yamato remarked on what she had said yesterday but Suzuka acted as she couldn't recall it. Yamato then said nevermind and remarked that he'll have a goodbye kiss from Fuuka. He drew his face near Fuuka and Fuuka grabbed and pulled Yamato's lips. Suzuka told Fuuka to stop as she was hurting her papa. Miho called from outside. Suzuka commented to Fuuka that her auntie was calling. Yamato commented that Miho might be angry if she was being called an auntie.

Yamato then started leaving and Suzuka said that she'll walk him downstairs.Miho told Yamato to hurry as it was 8am already. Saotome shouted goodbye darling to tease Yamato. Ayano san told them to take care. Suzuka shouted to Yamato telling him to give his best. Yamato replied her telling her to leave everything to him.

Message from Kouji: If you stand still, nothing would change. But if you take a step foward now, even a little step, the atmosphere might change and something good will happen.

Caption: We don't know if Yamato and Suzuka are planning for a second child but Kouji sensei next work will be revealed in Spring.

P/S: I was right in the first place, even though I retracted the statement before, there's a wedding. Fuuka is so cute! Just like Suzuka. Anyway, Suzuka has ended. I'll write an aftermath post for Suzuka manga soon. Finally, my blogging on Suzuka has ended, 71 posts since chapter 96.

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At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nooo...i always had hope that he'll end up with honoka again why!?? >=[

At 1:09 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

You hope is practically dead after Yamato didn't retain Honoka and she told him that she had a boyfriend.

At 5:21 AM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

I was right again! Time skip, although it was only a year into the future :( I was hopping for a big jump. O well, over all I think this was a good choice of an ending. Props to Seo.

At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a early fan of Suzuka and I think that the end of the story is very fast. With Suzuka pregnant the autor can make more chapters and a very interesting and funny story. I want to see Yamato and Suzuka living together and the time with the Baby. But maybe that is only a wish.

Sorry the english

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow its over. ya early suzuka was really good and the ending half didn't feel that good to me.

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn this T_T yeh it was early im 1 of the good fans tho . bought all the mangas but didnt ecpect to get over liek this :( still was a nice ending even tho it was fast

At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Dk said...

loved the manga!!!as the famous line goes "alls weeii that ends well"

At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will there be a 2nd anime season to cover the manga since ch.72?

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

@Anonymous - There was rumors of a second season but I'm not sure if it will actually happen. It would be nice if there was one.

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

Thanks Fisherman for all your hard work. Will you plan to continue summarizing Kouji's next work? Can't wait to see what it is. Do you think it will be a new story or some kind of continuation of Suzuka?

At 10:55 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

deathfired: Not sure if I'll take on Kouji next work. Personally it's better to take on a work which you're familiar with background but that would means half-way of the series. I might consider depending on my work commitment and interest.

I might consider ARIA since there' no EN translation yet and I know quite decent amount of ARIA story.

As for Kouji next work, no doubt you'll see similarity in the character design but usually the mangaka wont go after similar story plot but almost similar genre. So a continuation of Suzuka is quite higly impossible.

As for Suzuka, I'm not too keen on second season. I rather leave it as it is. With story plot after chapter 72, there's about 94 chapters worth of material. I doubt it can be fit into 26 episodes without omission as Season I followed the manga accurately.

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous flopstall said...

Well, for another anime season they could do 39 episodes, like Saiunkoku Monogatari did.

I saw a publication called "Crossing the Startline". Do you think that will be scanlated?

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Firstimer said...

I think the anime ended well. Where suzuka goes to america and comes back. I felt that it was basically a repetition of the 'tsuada' arc? And the rest of the story isn't really as good as the first few if made into an anime. Maybe b'cos i haven't read the manga for a long time.(just got the story frm this blog)

At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a little fuzzy in the inside... can't believe myself that I've been reading this for the last 4 years...

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWW its over =( well it was good =D AHHA

At 6:35 PM, Anonymous db84x said...

Bad example for young guy, moral lesson of this series is don't ever have sex with your gf or bf without proper contraseption. But as overall it nice ending.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Ethan said...

I feel like there could be some more to the ending of this. like maybe a nother 50 or so chapters dealing with the Yamato, suzuka, their baby, and even a little with Yamato's involvement with track at his job. I really would like to see this written and hope the author does add on to the series it was a good run (no pun intended) and I hate to see it end.


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