Thursday, September 06, 2007

Random Thoughts

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Rather happy this week in personal life as well as in anime & manga, not mentioning work load of course. Haven't been writing random thoughts for several weeks.

Suzuka 164: I like chapter 164 very much. As I have mentioned in the post, I think the way to conclude Suzuka with current scenario is acceptable and pleasing to the fans. Since Yamato and Suzuka cannot afford a wedding so maybe we'll see a chapter of Yamato working and the birth of the baby as finale. 2 more chapters till finale!
Air Gear 176: Don't know what's going to happen to Kururu after meeting the cunning Hako. Kogarasumaru having a duel with the "kamen rider" gang, with Kogarasumaru losing 0-10. Kanon's helping the opposition team.
Cross Game 94: The opposition team got a home run and now tie with Seishu High School.
Prince of Tennis 357: I must really commend Takeshi for making such a twist on Kaidou. After being beaten 0-4, Kaidou returned with an invincible move. And he shot a ball straight onto Akaya's face. What a great feeling!
Tsubasa 165: Finally, Ashura's finished. Last 2 chapters were great as Yui and Kurogane fought Ashura. Fai disintegrated after giving the feather back to Sakura body. The second curse will not be activated if Yui killed Ashura but it was Kurogane who killed Ashura. Syaoran told everyone to leave Celes quickly. After so many chapters (11) we're still clueless on the second curse. Gee....
AMG 228: Previously, everyone (Keiichi, Belldandy, Skuld, Urd and Megumi) lost their memory due to the overload of Skuld device. Welsper was wondering what happended to the house and inactive banpei kun. He/it realized that the rest of the people had amnesia and decided to have fun. He/it tricked that Urd and Keiichi are lovers. Skuld is his/its maid and Belldandy is his fiance. Welsper then want Belldandy to addres him a beloved one. However, Belldandy replied that she can't.
ARIA 56:Akira talked with a puppetmaster who has two puppet. One was white with a cheerful smile while the other one's black with sorrow. I hope next week we'll see the story after Alice became a Prima and how does that affect Aika and Akari.

Romeo x Juliet 21: I haven't been watching RxJ since EP 18. Will catch up to it. RxJ has been switched to Tuesdays air slot. Cornelia and Benvolio married. Romeo was determined to act against his father. Juliet has the seed of Escalus has been planted inside her and she hasn't told Romeo about it.
Zero no Tsukaima II 9 : Colbert was the Flame Serpent as expected. I didn't expect him to die though. Menville was killed by Agnes and she tried to avenge on Colbert but he died before she could act. Saito received a letter from Colbert and he cried. Louise hugged him and cried as well. Finally, one episode that ended with Loiuse and Saito without an explosion.
ARIA OVA~Arietta: It's nice to see that ARIA OVA was aired before the DVD release. The background setting and the animation are both excellent and impressive. However, as I pointed out to Adun, they changed the eyes slightly and in some far-away shot, the character face was slightly of concern. Nevertheless, close-up shots are still near perfect. I like the story plot since it focuses a lot of Alicia (my favourite).

Placed an order for ARIA Desktop calendar at HLJ. But I do have another plan in mind. I'm thinking of an order at AJ with 2 CDs, ARIA desktop and Suzuka guidebook (coming soon). ARIA Solid Collection has been shipped. Received my brother's SD Stargazer this morning, very nice.

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At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i was thinking now that Suzuka is ending that maybe you would consider doing some same thing for Air Gear or AMG. Personally i would want Air gear as im caught up to it in terms of translations.
Just a thought.

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

Thanks for the suggestion. But I'd probably consider ARIA since there hasn't been any ARIA EN translation/scanlation. There's EN scanlation for AMG even though it's on hold at the moment. But AMG is dragging on so I don't have much interest/passion in blogging it. Air Gear is one series that i wont dare to take on since there's too many terms and it's going to be hard writing a summary as well. All the moves name, title name and team name as well as to make it interesting to read ins't easy. There are also EN scanlation for Air Gear as well. Air Gear needs visual to make it interesting.

So I'd probably consider ARIA since
1. I have passion on ARIA series
2. I'm more familiar with ARIA
3. I have thought of blogging ARIA since last year
4. It's a monthly series. :)

Anyway, thanks for suggesting.


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