Monday, August 13, 2007

ARIA Navigation Guide

The guide is not new but I decided to write a post about this wonderful book. really glad that Tong Li released the CH version of the guide. The guide was based on ARIA manga, not the anime.

As usual the book cover has the 4 corner story and ended with Maa sachou profile. The slip cover quality are not as good as the normal ARIA manga but acceptable.

The book started with 13 pages of colour pages. The first page depicted the prologue. The next 8 pages showed the venue and scene of Italy that were potrayed in ARIA. 3 pages were then dedicated to illustrate the steps in colouring an illustration of ARIA using photoshop.

The book was then divided into 4 main sections; World Nagivation, Episode Navigation, Expansion Navigation and Making Navigation.

World Navigation
The World Navigation section started from page 15 to page 86.

P17-19: Explored AQUA with details on time, weather, trasnport and culture.
P20-23: AQUA events in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
P24: Information on the Undine
P25-29: ARIA, Himeya and Orange Planet companies and their interiors.
P30: Road to become an Undine and their duties as well as Gondola maintenance.
P34: Information on Salamander
P35: Information on Gnome
P36: Information on Sylph
P37: Information on postoffice, Florian cafe and Glass factory.
P38-39: ARIA characters relationship chart
P41-65; ARIA undines profiles. Each with 3 distinct characteristics, their current work and potential, their summer n winter uniform.
P66-73: Profiles of Akistuki, Al, Woody, Grandma, Postman, Sachous and Cat Sith.
P74-79: Alicia asnwering technical questions on ARIA.
P80-81: Cat kingdom
P82-83: AQUA insider on Salamander and Gnome
P84-85: How to draw Sachous with sing-along

Episode Navigation
The episode nagivation covered page 87 to page 143. It featured detailed episode information from the 1st year to the 3rd year spring as well as special navigation. The section also comprised Aria sachou costumes, Akari's attraction secret, Aika's list of do not as well as additional terms used in ARIA.

Expansion Navigation
Making Navigation

more to come... still reading the book.... exciting !!!!

The guide is available at Yesasia (except ARIA 10) and Bookcafe.

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