Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

Mood: Happy, see update

Suzuka 161: I like the chapter eventhough I found Mr. Asahina's reaction lack of realism. Nevertheless, he made a good point on parenting and Yamato learnt a lot from him. At the end of the chapter, he smiled and told Yamato that he wont back them financially, meaning he wanted Yamato to be a responsible father. Last week mentioned tears but there wasn't even a signle tears.
Air Gear 174: Nothing special except Hako trying to attack Kururu with an electroshock.
Cross Game 92: Needless to ask. Baseball and Seishū High School cornered the opposition.

Romeo x Juliet 19 : The red whirlwind is back.
Moetan 5: The story plot's a bit crazy....
Zero no Tsukaima II 5 : Louise's sisters again, Yeah!. Enjoyed the episode. It's funny to see how similar were Eleanor and Loiuse when whipping. This week Cattleya has more attitude. I used to like Siesta but kinda find her annoying recently.

The Bookcafe service was very slow. My order has been on "confirm" status for a week. Sent them an email but no reply. Gee...
Updates: I have wronged Bookcafe. I was told by my friend that his mum sent the comic from HK on Thursday. That would mean that the book arrived before Thursday. I placed the item on 3rd August, so it took less than a week. That's efficient! The only thing I'm not happy is that they didnt even email me that the item has been shipped. Also the system wrote "confirm" status instead of delivered. Well, I think I'll move my manga purchase to Bookcafe in near future instead of Yesasia. Lucky I understand Chinese and am able to order from Bookcafe.



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