Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

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Suzuka 158: A chapter dedicated to Yamato's decision but yet to know how Suzuka will react.
Tsubasa 160: Another darn chapter on Yui history after being freed by Ashura. Only 3 pages of recent and pretty much just Kurogane and Yui. I just hope next week's real action rather than delaying the plot again and again. To CLAMP, just reveal the 2nd curse already. By the way, heard that Tsubasa's having 3 weeks break after chapter 162.
Air Gear 171: Ha ha 171 is sure interesting! we all got fooled by Oh! Great. Oh! Great, you are really great. The person who kidnap Kururu was actually her father. Ikki got so mad and crush-landed on the vechicle and was about to punch Kururu's dad. At the end of the chapter Kururu brought her luggage and told Ikki that she ran away from home. She said she wanted to be together with ikki and the whole emotion got her over-heated. Then, tonnes of parts and utility dropped from her skirt and she worked her way to fix the ATs. Funny chapter. Not something that I want - action (we did get a few pages before the blunder). But it's something out of the blue, of which I should commend Oh! Great. So hope next week, proper AT actions.

Romeo x Juliet 16 : This week is bad, I meant the animation quality. Real bad compared to the previous 15 episodes.
Moetan 2: Another moe-tan character in making. Loli is too much for me.
Zero no Tsukaima II 2 : Episode 2 wasn't a good episode for me. There's no point of having a "resurrected" prince with the power of a ring. Unless, it has a strong connection to the story, it's a waste of episode.

Order at Yesasia took longer than I expected because the ARIA Navigation file is not ready yet. It's released in Taiwan but HK version might not be released until end of month. Sigh.

Update: Kotobukiya Belldandy Goddess Uniform figure is available for pre-order at HLJ now.

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