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Suzuka 158 Prayer

Suzuka 158 願事 ねがいごと

Megumi and Saotome joined Ayano san family and Yamato eating buckwheat noodles. Saotome commented that it's still better to have the noodles otherwise there's no feeling of end of the year. Miho remarked that Saotome's after free lunch again. Megumi thanked Ayano san and helped her to clear the table. Yamato had an eye patch on right eye and several handyplasts on his face. He looked at the clock, showing 9.40pm. Saotome asked Yamato why he's feeling down while she was drinking beer. Yamato replied he's not. Miho told Saotome that Yamato had a date with Suzuka to visit the shrine. Saotome then remarked that Yamato's anticipating the arrival of his beloved Suzuka. She also commented that Suzuka won't have to leave if it wasn't for what he had done (traveling in secret). Yamato rebuked saying that she's noisy and drunk. Miho commented that Suzuka and Yamato will be together in the same club so he just need to bear for a while. Yamato replied in agreement.

Suzuka arrived and Saotome rushed to hug Suzuka, saying long time no see. Saotome remarked that Suzuka's pitiful because she had to live at her home because of Yamato. Suzuka replied that it was her fault as well. Yamato frantically told Saotome not to exert so much force on Suzuka (because she's pregnant, Yamato's quite mindful). Saotome remarked that Yamato was jealous even because of Saotome and said that Yamato really love Suzuka very much. Yamato replied it wasn't and Saotome continued to tease him. Suzuka then noticed Yamato's injury and asked what happened to his face. Yamato said that he'd tell her on the way and the left.

They arrived at the shrine vicinity. Yamato told Suzuka that he had a fight. He said that he had dinner with Kinugasa and both Miyamoto and Arima came afterwards. He later had a fight with Arima on the way back. Suzuka asked why and if Arima had said something bad about him. Yamato replied that it's just bickering. Suzuka asked what's he thinking and what happened if he was injured. Yamato, with a grin, replied that he ended up with injuries but he also managed to threw two to three punches on Arima. Suzuka remarked that it's nothing something to be proud of. Suzuka added that Yamato and Arima's relationship was really bad. She said that they don't have to quarrelled and ended like that. Yamato commented that it's a special case. Suzuka was puzzled but Yamato suggested going to the shrine.

Yamato and Suzuka prayed at the shrine (should be around 12am since it's hatsumode). Suzuka had a peek at Yamato and saw him praying earnestly. After that, Suzuka commented that Yamato took some time in praying. Yamato said that it's about something important. Yamato then asked her, "Don't you want to listen to my prayer?" Suzuka replied no. Yamato then suggested having something to eat, saying that Suzuka should be hungry. Suzuka replied that she had eaten before meeting him.

Suzuka then told Yamato that it looks like it's better to go for abortion. Yamato wasn't shocked and looked rather steady. He told her that Arima had said that as well. Suzuka was surprised and asked if Yamato had told Arima. Yamato said that Arima was quite concern with his competition against Yamato at university. Yamato continued that Arima didn't say that directly but the meaning was the similar. Arima was serious back then and thus Yamato also answered seriously. Yamato said that Suzuka was pregnant and he didn't know how to face the university matter before he came to a conclusion. Arima had said that he would choose abortion without hesistation as his priority is in track. Arima also said that what happen to Suzuka had nothing to do with him. Yamato told Suzuka that it was because of that he gave Arima a trashing. Yamato continued that he would definitely get angry for what Arima had said and Arima should'nt be forgiven. Yamato added that although track is Arima's priority but his own priority is... Suzuka interrupted Yamato and said that she wanted to listen to his prayer afterall. Yamato then told her that he had prayed for Suzuka to have a safe baby delivery (朝比奈....元気な子産んでくれますように ....って)
Suzuka was surprised and asked if he was serious. Yamato added, "for that reason, I willing to pay the price for it.. this is what I had prayed (そのためなら オレ 何でも するって..願いした)."

Caption at the end: No worry, no uncertainty, no proposal, just a prayer for safe delivery!!! Altough it's stupid but compared to all, the most beloved is Asahina.

P/S: Indeed Suzuka had thought of abortion but Yamato decided to have the baby. I wonder if they would have an argument next chapter or they will tell their parents.

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At 4:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Yamato sometimes can be so inconsiderate.

BTW don't get mad but I just saw someone who cited this very spoiler on a forum with no reference lol~

PS But on the same forum (Jupiterjokers), Cize has provided two more pictures if anyone is interested.

At 5:07 AM, Anonymous DeathfireD said...

Hmm so Yamato said he's wishing for a health birth? That's cool, I really hope Suzuka gives birth and Yamato steps up to take care of it wile shes doing her sports thing. I can definitely see allot of new problems later on though (parents angry, people in college looking at them weird and thinking bad things, marriage and cost of living, what will Yamato's family think since they have no clue about anything going on...etc)

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...


Which forum is that? I only post the spoiler in JJ, Dreamdm and Animesuki forum. So the rest are plagiarism.

I know about the other two sppiler pictures. if you visited JJ forum, you should see me in there. I just choose not to reveal the other two picture anyway.

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are Cize then? I didn't know that, sorry. You can delete the two links in my comment if you want.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

I'm not Cize. Cize is the person we all should thank for. My JJ UID is 1211. ^^

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its good to hear yamato is wishing for the health of the baby, atleast his man enough to accept the child and willing to raise it.

it'll be definitely hard for them from now on... :D - i still feel sad for suzuka she had so much going for her

At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Dk said...

Poor suzuka i bet she must be confused if she should keep the baby or not.Should she keep it for yamato or think about being a succesful women and accomplish something.Well anyway i am happy that Yamato does care about their baby

At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

me again, im the first anonymous up there...

Fisherman, You have a UID on JJ?!!!! Honton?!!! Do you have enough credits (or points w/e) to read the that Yabbay guy's full spoiler? plz tell me you do!!! plz!!!!

At 11:14 PM, Blogger Fisherman Horizon said...

anonymous: Yes, I have an UID on JJ forum. It's "hondou" not "honton". Yes, I have enough credit. Even so, I will not disclose nor reveal what he has written. I had to respect yabbay's effort as well as the JJ forum. One has to earn as in contribute to the forum in order to read it.

However, the full spoiler is nothing more than the spoiler that is already on the post. A full spoiler is not same as a full script.

P/S: I didn't remove your first post but do not post links or contents in the forum again. You can recommend people to join but not providing links not their contents. It's not ethical.


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